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Hornet 600 Project - A whirlwind

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by gongrider, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Following on from my thread in the New Ride section, I thought I would post up the progress I have made customising and modifying the Hornet I got from hornet.

    This is how it looked at hornet's place:


    Then I got it home:


    A perfectly respectable blue Honda Hornet. Then I got offered a paint job for a price I couldn't refuse (originally to touch up an unpainted tank repair).


    While I was waiting for paint I got some other bits and pieces.


    And complete:



    Balanced the carbies and did some tuning and got the Hornet running pretty well. Still is a bit reluctant on a cold start but at least idles now and can warm itself up. Might need the pilot jets slightly richer.



    Over the past weekend I also fitted some Renthal Ultra Low handlebars, which have made the riding position a little lower and more comfortable for my long arms! I also fitted a 12V accessory plug for two reasons - to charge my phone on long rides, and to attach a 12V solar charger for extended periods between rides.


    In addition, I also fitted a relay on the existing heated grips so there is no chance of them killing the battery when the ignition is off.

    Rode it back to my place in Sydney yesterday, already have a ride to Phillip Island planned for Casey's last Australian MotoGP race!


    Still to do:

    - Bigger mirrors, possibly with indicators - small ones were a mistake!

    - Thinking of touching up or updating the dash. Looks exactly like the sun bleached dash on my Spada and I think I want a slight change!

    - Polish & detail some more

    - Ride, ride ride...

    - Plot the next update!
  2. You've done a nice job of that - looking good!
  3. I'm not usually into the streetfighter-ish aesthetic but it's looking pretty good!
  4. Just get some bad ass looking pipe and you're winning
  5. Yep, it needs a better pipe!
  6. so far so good. Given the old girl a new new look on life!
  7. Mate that is good work. Just wonder what kind of twin headlights you put on? Is it a straighforward swap or some custom work involved? Does it give you much more light compared to the single unit before?
  8. good to see MY-599 out on the road again and still being loved

    warms me heart, David (y)

    That trip to the Island would be a good opportunity for a photo shoot of the Hornet and the VFR together....
  9. Loving the paint job, and it looks great! Keen to see more.
  10. They are chrome twin dominators, purchased from Jester's Trick Bits in the UK. Not sure if there are different versions (or copies) of the dominators, but they are a lot nicer in the flesh than I thought they looked in pics.

    The swap is very straight forward, the wiring is plug & play, no changes needed and the lights fit nice and snug in the existing headlight bracket. Only issue was the indicators fouling on the back of the headlights (they are deeper than the stock item), but I was able to manipulate them a bit and shorten up the threads.

    Haven't had a chance to try them at night yet, but I don't think they are as bright as I'd like. Will get some upgraded bulbs as the originals are probably cheapies.
  11. Starting to look very impressive
  12. Definitely! Unless we meet by chance at the Pie Shop or on another ride before then :p

    Glad you approve of the changes to "Old Blue"
  13. Indeed, TFRPS on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon (y)

    I actually would never have thought of painting the 'scallop' area of the tank a different colour, nice move!
  14. Cheers mate, love the small enhancements, very nice bike. I'm looking at light upgrades since after upgrading the bulb it was only a slight improvement. Might have to look at HID.
  15. I'm also not normally a fan of the streetfighter twin headlights, but it looks really good on your bike.
  16. I'm actually a fan of the big stock pipe. When I bought my Hornet it had a Staintune fitted, and I went out of my way to find a stock pipe and fit it. In major part I wanted the quieter pipe due to the long distances I was travelling on the bike, but I appreciated that it, aesthetically, fitted the bike more nicely...almost as though somebody had designed it for the bike! I like the bulky look of it on your bike.
  17. What I liked about the stock pipe (and I COULD have bought matt's Staintune when he wanted it gone) was that the bike has a lovely howl when you wick it up, but allows you to fly under the radar while others are drawing attention to themselves.....
  18. Yeah I don't mind it, right now I don't have a strong desire to change it. I don't hate the look and the heat shield will be handy for my pillion.

    If I get bored of it in the future I'll look at changing it, would be nice to have a deep burble at idle, but for now I'm happy with the stock one.
  19. Got some better mirrors, they are bigger, sit wider and are better quality than the mini crap things I had...


    Plus they have LED indicators!


    Also painted the screen brackets to better match the handlebars:


    Had the tank off in the top pics as I pulled the carbies out once again. Cleaned them much more thoroughly. Seemed to start easier but still missing on part throttle. Can't figure it out...
  20. Looks like the thorough carby clean has solved the starting issues. Whether it was the extra clean or the fact I pulled off the coils and fiddled with the leads - the Hornet starts cold and idles strongly. Can even blip the throttle without it dying now.

    Still has a little hesitation with very small throttle openings - seems to miss and sounds off balance at low rpm. Very responsive given more throttle though.

    Thinking the carby balance might need to be rechecked (problems have been sorted since) or the pilot screws aren't quite optimum. Hard to adjust pilot screws without the special tool though!