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Hornet 600 not starting/backfiring

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by suzyq, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    The Hornet has been in the shed for a while and I've just managed to get it registered again.

    A couple of weeks ago I did an oil/filter change and charged the battery, it started no problems. Because she wasn't registered at the time I couldn't take her for a run but started her every day for about a week before the battery became flat again. I tried to recharge the battery again, but suspect because the battery had been sitting in the bike for some time, unused, it was stuffed. I bought a new battery yesterday and tried to start the Hornet but she would try to turn over, splutter and backfire. Yes, flames out of the exhaust! YIKES!

    I got a bit cranky, and left her overnight thinking that the new battery may not have charged properly, me being the impatient person that I am. But again this morning, same deal! I took the new battery out of my little Spada (I am lucky they use the same battery) which has been working fine and put it in the Hornet thinking that would solve the problem, but no, again spluttering, no starting and backfiring. I'm starting to think it may not be the battery. Could it be the plugs maybe?

    HELP.. I've been trying to get the Hornet back on the road for about 2 months and I just seem to get thwarted at every turn...:facepalm:
  2. Is it a carbied model?

    reads a bit like flooding rather than the battery. Is it truning on the starter motor but not firing?

    Try without the choke.

    Try holding the starter button and gradually winding open the throttle.

    Also starting every day with taking it for a decent ride is not the best thing for a battery.
  3. Hi ibast,

    yes it is the carbied model. Yes the starter motor is turning but it won't fire. Yeah I know about the starting not being good, but as she was not registered I couldn't ride her. anyway I'll give it a go without the choke.. be back soon. thank you.
  4. My first suggestion is to try and get it bump-started, if you can. Put it in second gear, choke on, pull in the clutch and try and get it up to a reasonable speed and drop the clutch. Resist the temptation to wrench the throttle open, see if it will start on the choke alone. If it fires, pull the clutch in and see if it will stay running, and gradually close the choke off as it warms up. You should be able to blip the throttle by that point.

    If it won't bump, then it probably is a shot battery, and you should also check (if you haven't replaced it already) the voltage regulator, as these are notoriously unreliable on Hondas in general and the 600 Hornet in particular.
  5. Ok went and tried to start her without the choke. She still won't turn over and whilst there was no big backfiring there was still a popping from the exhaust.
  6. Thanks Hornet, I'll have to wait for my partner to come home from work to try the bump start. But I'll give it a go next. This is sooo frustrating...GRRRRRR! Thanks. :)
  7. So have you replaced the plugs? ](*,)
  8. Remove and clean the plugs
    If it is flooded hold throttle wide open start it then close off throttle.
    Then start the bike as you normally would choke out NO THROTTLE.
    It's NOT the battery.
  9. Valve clearances? Might not start since there's no compression and would explain the backfiring

    When was the last time you had them checked? How many k's has it done?
  10. Valve clearance issues are highly, highly unlikely to result from a couple of months of not being ridden.
  11. If it's been sitting for a while then you might have stale fuel, or even condensation resulting in water at the bottom of the tank.

    You could try flushing the system and some fresh fuel.
  12. Maybe the valves drooped in the Gulgong heat.
  13. i whole-heartedly agree with all that is said above.

    its not the battery. check the plugs. a couple of short runs with old fuel (not running perfectly) the plugs can get gunked up very quickly. equivalent to no spark. leads to nice backfire.

    look at the plugs. if they are black or wet then theres your problem. try cleaning them (not with metal) if that fails replace them. it should work after that.

    unfortunate thing about having 4 cylinders is that there are four of them...i went from a straight four to a single. its really nice.
  14. My Hornet was very sensitive about cold starting until I bought it a trickle charger.

    Also, did you let the new battery sit for the designated amount of time to get the electrolyte properly mixed before trying to start the motor?
  15. Hi Guys,

    The answer has been found. The plugs have been removed and replaced. They were very gunked up. 'Carbon fouling' it was called in the book. Now no problems. :dance:

    Thank you everyone for your help.:roses:
  16. Your welcome!
    Bit more advice... your mixture is to rich!
    And, when it happens again (cause it will) be sure to use a hotter rating plug!
    2c worth!

  17. Keep those plugs up to it.

    Have a go at starting and either it will start (great) or it will repeat its recalcitrant behaviour, in which case it's time to pull those plugs. It should be wet (indicating fuel's getting through) and, hopefully, fouled (sooty deposits) which would indicate a reason why it won't start (or a symptom of another reason...). Clean them with fine emery paper, or replace them (they're cheap).

    As I said this could be a symptom... and I suspect a weak spark. Hook jumper leads up to the car battery, then to the bike battery, so you don't have to worry about running down the bike's puny cell. I'd also check for air leaks in the inlet tract, such as around the carb rubbers.

    Good luck, I suspect once you do start it things should be good.

    And if your Hornet is unfaired and you want to sell it, PM me.
  18. hey heinz, welcome back !!!!