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Hornet 600 LAMS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. So says an ad in the June 'Just Bikes'. I wouldn't have thought so...

  2. License And Money Suspended
  3. seems the 600 lams is going to be big business now, its on between the major 4
  4. link to the advert, plezse, or details thereof? I wouldn't think that even my old model would make the cut on power to weight, let alone the new model :?

  5. they will restrict them somehow
  6. Ooops, sorry for the confusion. This *was* an old one, being sold privately, and advertised as learner legal. Not any sort of new announcement from Honda (who probably reckon the have the sector covered with the 400, is my guess.)

    So yeah, I was just checking (without getting my act together to actually look at the list): the older (pre-2009) H6s would be nowhere near LAMS, right?
  7. In NSW at least if you have them de-tuned and you carry a Dyno chart and approval letter from the RTA at all times, it can be ridden by a learner, but will not be registered as a LAMS vehicle, for vehicles not originally registered by the dealer as LAMS and out of the manufacturer as LAMS.
  8. Can be ridden by a learner? So could a Grand Prix bike, but you'd still get booked.

    try 96PS and 176 kg dry weight