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Hornet 600 fuel economy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CamHornet, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. This is just an update for Paul, with regards to my Hornet 600's fuel economy... so I don't worry about reading it unless you're remotely interested...


    My Hornet 600 roughly does about 200-220 km now before reserve. I changed the air filter, but I honestly think it was more to do with giving it some regular riding. When I bought it, I think it'd been in the shop for 3 months plus...

    I went into the petrol station to fill up when it hit 150 km. I only needed 8.5 litres. With a 13 + 3 L tank it's a rough calculation that I could've travelled 230 km on that tank (i.e. 150/8.5 * 13). Hence, I'm pretty happy now, but I still would rather that fuel guage!
  2. Good stuff, mate, that's much more what I would have expected.

    The worst-ever figure I've got so far is 190ks before reserve came on, on the trip home from Melbourne Sunday. That said that was on the Orbost - Eden stretch of wide open highway and long sweeping bendies, if you get my drift.

    Stay in touch, I'm always willing to talk about Hornets.
  3. Now my only complaint is the gearbox!

    I'll get used to it, but it's not too dissimilar to my old Hyundai Excel!
  4. Just have to be firm and definite, esp with the change from 5th to 6th, or you'll get a big ZINGGGGG
  5. hmmm so i see my ZZR is not the only bike with 87 false neutrals then!!
  6. There's no problem with false neutrals, it's just a very "clunky" gear box... just like a Hyundai.
  7. No, it's a Honda gearbox :LOL:

    When I read the road tests of the new machine they said that it had a clunky gearbox, but that was to be expected. By all reports the package is very durable; I consulted a trusted friend in Canberra about getting the valve shims done and his reply was that unless I was racing the bike, they shouldn't need doing this side of 100,000 kms.
  8. Count yourself lucky N1GH7-R1D3R, sometimes I can't even find the one neutral on my s41tbox SRX. Stuck in first sucks!!!
  9. I have a hornet 250 with the same tank etc as the 600.. I get about 230k's before reserve.
  10. My 1999 Hornet 600 :
    Worst fuel economy was 160 kays ,that was 2 up, ( 125 kilo passenger ) with luggage into a headwind on the Hume out of Euroa. Big Fun. I put 43 thousand ks on that bike from new . Had it for 2 years til I lost my licence on it!!
  11. No, my R60/6 is right up there with your ZZR. But of course being a BMW, mine are superior 'designer' neutrals. :D
  12. I would have also accepted "European-styled" neutrals...
  13. Must be a Honda thing. Have even read on a 400 specific forum (VFR) of owners replacing shift forks & gear clusters & has not made a scrap of difference. Both my VFR's require "firm" gear changing techniques :D There is a site that sells "shift kits" for Hondas but all they consist of is a stronger indent spring to make you shift more positively. Oh, & some include a new selector drum as well I think. Just found the site
    If you know or can find part numbers you could cross referance them. Or simply kick the gear shift a bit harder. Like I do :LOL:
  14. link is crook, Andrew {not gear-link, hyper-link :D}
  15. Try it now Paul. One little dot hey :oops:
  16. ta muchly, Andrew :)
  17. I'm told that Hornet600 drinks like a fish :p :p :p
  18. How am I supposed to repond to THAT???
  19. What kind of a Hornet rider are you? You are supposed to defend your bike, saying, for example, that your Hornet600 DOES NOT drink like a fish, even though its owner does :p

    :p Come and get me if you can :p I am right here in Mel ... Ho...Ho...Ho...
  20. Oh I know what you MEAN, but, mate I'm a tee-totaller; I hae never drunk any alcohol in 56 years! Now I can be accused of being lots of other things, but drinking like a fish just doesn't fit :LOL:
    (I don't think the Hornet drinks like a fish, I think it's just that it's got a big engine and a small tank..)