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Hornet 600 clutch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, May 4, 2010.

  1. hi guys, the clutch on my 2000 model hornet is engaging ridiculously late and when it does it's sudden and jerky. i've had the bike for about 3 years and it didn't used to be this bad. took it to Mick Hone who simply said that it's normal for a hornet600. he adjusted the clutch cable and it's definitely made it smoother but it still seems much later than it used to be. it's only got 18,000k on the clock so i don't expect it's the clutch plates. any thoughts?

  2. It had better not be the clutch plates at only 18,000 kms. Mine's done 146,000 and they're still the originals.

    Maybe you should let me ride it for a bit, I'm sure I could 'teach' it a few tricks :LOL:.
  3. If it's that bad, then how is it normal? No probe with my 60,000 600. Maybe go for a second opinion with somebody who's reliably thorough - motorcycle city or e2w?
  4. Well, the Hornets are well know for not having a smooth clutch!

    When I got mine, I felt the same like you and got it checked....the feedback was...."oh...this is a hornet!"

    Sooo, you have to play with the accelerator/clutch a bit when changing gears...I found the right feeling now and the clunk! is much lower. Though have to admin it has always bothered me...

    But what worries me is that you are saying that before was better....that raises an eye brow.....

  5. it took a bit to get used to mine. then i crashed.

    ride some more :)
  6. thanks guys. good to have some verification that it is in fact relatively normal for a hornet. it's just that i had my way of riding it and never really noticed it, then it changed. my partner (who has snuck out on my bike a coupla times - who can blame him when he's only got the bandit1200 and Diversion ;)) noticed the change too. since the cable adjustment, it's closer to what it was, so i'll go with it unless it changes again. cheers, c
  7. too many wheelies carri!
  8. You can also read this article (in middle of page) which mentions the gear clunking...

    Article 1

    and some tips here (in middle of page)....

    Article 2

  9. I started to read this thread thinking that it'd be Hornet that was clutching at straws :)
  10. What oil went into it last time?
  11. my clutch feels the same as it has for the last 3 years....perfectly fine!

    it was heavy as hell when i bought it, i thought it was just a 'hornet thing' but changed the clutch cable & it was smooth as afterwards
  12. It sounds like a motivation to practice your clutchless shifting to me.
  13. good articles Bik3r, thx.
    ibast - motul5100 but it's a while ago
    tash - i may go down the track of replacing the cable. thx.
    jason - thanks, but no thanks :)
  14. no worries mate - mine was INSANELY stiff, to the point i thought 'oh god what have i done i spent 12 months modifying a bike i cant ride!'

    i tried some cable lube (eeew!) and it free'd it up a bit but not a lot.

    change of cable & it was fantastic. only cost me $60 from memory too.
  15. I find an oil change always makes things sweeter.