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Hornet 600 - cheap TYRES ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mattb, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. G'day All.

    Can anybody recommend cheap tyres of these sizes



    For the Hornet 600, esp the rear. $500 for a pair of tyres is rather unrealistic on my income, esp given that I'm eating the miles. I spoke to a couple of shops but they won't sell me any of the cheaper brands. Not a bad attitude at all, except that, per chance, I know my riding needs better than anybody else, and what works and doesn't for me. (Hunter Thompson voice: I've ridden with drag cars through twisty soaked rainforest mists, on a bald IRC Wildfire bolted to a swingarm clinging desperately to its chewed bearings.)

    Any fellow-travellers of the tight-arse way (Oh, its nooks and crannies!) can recommend anything?
  2. Realistically, anything you can buy now will be as good as or better than what most street riders were running 20 odd years ago, and most of them/us seemed to survive OK.

    Duro, Vee Rubber and Siamese Rubber Co products will all act in a predictable fashion and not dump you too easily especially as summer's a comin' so you won't have to cope with wet roads much for a while.

    When I took the K100 to a Racecraft day, it had a 10 year old Duro on the back, which I proceeded to fry to a cinder all the way to both edges (warm day, dry track) with not a hint of a squirm.

    To be honest, there's a lot of bollocks talked about tyres. I, and many others, did colossal mileages in circumstances where the nearest we ever had to a matched pair was that both had legal tread and, by riding within the limits of our machinery, most of us still seem to be around. I can only remember one nasty, tyre related moment when I forgot to do that. I don't count slithering around on cats' eyes in the pissing rain, or skipping sideways on manhole covers or whatever. In my experience, that's pretty hairy regardless of the boots.

    I remember a mate, who'd scored a bargain Pirelli for his GS550, complaining about clutch slip. It was only after I'd followed him round a roundabout in the wet, banked over and going hard, that we realised it was wheelspin as the ancient, cast-iron compound broke loose. He lived, and, 15 years later, still runs el-cheapo concrete tyres with no dramas.

    Sure, good sticky tyres are really, really nice to have and I'd recommend them, but don't let anyone tell you that even the cheapest is actively dangerous 'cos it's not.
  3. Thanks Pat. That's the thing - like automative oil in my bike - I've used cheapo old tyres that have come with bikes, ridden plenty on them, and never had a single problem. Somehow the guys in shops know better than I do what my needs are and what my experience has taught me...
    The cheapest I've found so far is $220 for a rear (Continental Force). That's not bad, but I need to do better. Fact is, otherwise I'll be riding around on bald tyres!
  4. You have only about two brands from which to choose for the front, Matt, due to the 16" front wheel. Probably plenty of choices at the rear, but since the Hornet is sporty-type bike, again they tend to be expensive. I know everyone always says get a matched pair but my income doesn't allow that either, so I get a front (Bridgestone BT-014, around $200) and a rear (Bridgestone BT-021, around $300) at different intervals.
  5. Thanks Paul, how many kms do they typically last you?
  6. I get around 10,000 kms from the rear, touring and tearing :))) and a bit less than that with the front, but it's a much softer compound than the 021, and I can live with the wear to know how where the front is planted.....
  7. Hmmm....

    ...maybe it's time to consider the darkside....

    ...or even to go "double dark" - I wonder if a cheaper 130/70-16 rear tyre from elsewhere will go fine as a front tyre....


    Looks like I'll have to accept this new world into which I've been thrown with this this hightexh fancy Hornet and it's bit sports tyres. Spoke to Andy at Intyre MC (I recommend him) and $300 it is for a rear, but at least I'll try for a long-life touring rear...

    On another note, one tyre that does fit the front specs, are certain rear tyres for big scooters....