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Hornet 250 - woohoo

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. I found one. Just got my learners last week and found myself a 250 Hornet this week :)

    20k kms, red, sports exhaust, very nice cond $5k

    Guy is getting RWC done and new rear tyre (its a bit cracked, good tread, just old looking).

    Going tommorrow to bike shop to get fitted out with gear and pick up the new beastie later in the week, needless to say i cant fcuking wait! :)
  2. Onya bro, they're a hot little number, you'll have a blast.
  3. woo-hoo indeed, and other member for the Hornet's Nest :LOL:
  4. Any tips on how to tell the wife?

    When she said yes to getting a bike she said keep the whole shooting match to 4k, but %100 defintely under 5k - now i have spent 5k + ALL safety gear...

    She is working late, i will have bourbon here when she returns, that should do it?
  5. Tell her you got stung by a Hornet!

    Tell her if you had bought what you REALLY wanted, it would have cost even more, and there was nothing worth buying at $4,000.

    Oh, and add FLOWERS to the bourbon.......
  6. Tell her the safety features of anything cheaper would have left you in jeopardy... :)
  7. well if she really cracks it i buy it from you.....
    Im getting all fidgety now....
    Not rode my bike for 2 days now.
    theres a puddle under is headlamp......i thinks its been crying.

    wait till I sell my bike and then......then.....yeah.....so there !
  8. I have just talked to the guy with the Hornet 250 for sale at Avalon, NSW, it's still available, and if anyone wants me to go and have a look at it, I can.

  9. She is fine - woohoo again.

    That one in Avalon looks trick, cheap. But its a fair hike...you going to have to go through a rwc and rego inspection, plus your transport costs. Still cheaper to buy here for 6k.
  10. Fine with me, guys, I'm just mentioning that it's available. If I bought a bike out of state I'd look to freight it rather than ride it home.....
  11. If i get any tugs on my bike Id be up for figuring out what i could do to get it down here.
    Whats the dal with buying a bike interstate, RWC, rego , plate change and stuff.......any ideas.

    cheers paul. your a legend
  12. You need a RWC and then its almost the same as registering a bike that has no reg. At least thats how it is for cars.

    This means a permit and trip tot eh Vicroads with your car/bike for inspection, then pay the reg, pplate fee etc. Thier website is pretty good check it out at www.vicroads.gov.au
  13. Ooh, look, custom mirrors! I'm sure that was done purely for cosmetic reasons.
  14. C'mon Loz, be nice, I'm in a position to inspect it personally like I did for Coco with the sidecar. If there's anything wrong with it, I reckon I'll be able to tell....
  15. yay - all picked up, bike looks 15 x better than i remembered, very nice looking - really pleased.

    The dude had to get a new tyre on the back for RWC and he got a brand new one, when it was supposed ot be 2nd hand.

    Sitting here in my leathers waiting for wife to get home and watch the kids so i can take it for a squirt...
  16. Good onya mate...welcome to the Hornet fanclub

    Very happy to hear you are wrapped with your new bike...congrats on your new baby :grin:
  17. well that was fun :) That bike is just fun, and loud :)

    It actually goes pretty hard if ring its neck, including my L test last week this is my second ride in over 10 years - shit i am glad i did it :) Took about 4 min before i had it red line in 1, 2 and 3 starting to get a little breezy so i backed off :)

    I didnt go over 90 around here (i werent looking at the dials much) , but that felt quick enough, thats for sure :) I will spend Sat arvo getting used to it, practising smooth riding.

    I discovered that the gloves i bought are too big, anyone need some brand new gloves?
    Red ones from this pic http://www.rmgear.com.au/images/d race gloves/race10.jpg

    My new baby
  18. suweet!!!!!!!!

    Get yourself some Oggy Knobs as soon as you can, those engine cases are expensive if you hit the deck.

    And you need to change your profile now, eh???
  19. ahh good idea, will they bolt staright on?
  20. They should pick up the front engine mount bolt, in line with the exhaust pipe.

    You also should get a Fenda Extenda from Pyramid Plastics (UK) to keep dirt and mung off the headers, http://snipurl.com/li5d

    And you can buy a slip-over cover for the front of your exhaust can, saw it on the 'Net somewhere, but I can't remember when.

    Oh, and a hugger for the rear tyre, to keep the dirt and mung off your rear shock, and taillight, seeing someone has already hacked tthe mudguard.