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Hornet 250 - is it a grey import or not ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, May 31, 2006.

  1. Know a guy in Adelaide who is very interested in getting a Hornet250 and he asked if it was an import. I didn't know.

    If not, when did Honda stop making it ?

  2. Yep it's grey import only - and they're actually still making them in Japan.
  3. Mine is a grey import. but its not grey its black. !
    Might be going for sale still if I get the right price as i know they are like hens teeth.
  4. What, totally redundant?
  5. Just very expensive to find without damage or high k's for under 6k
  6. Hens' teeth = rare.
    Tits on a bull = redundant.

    You're welcome :grin:
  7. You have a rare way with words, Loz

    Two only on Bikesales, one dear and one alarmingly cheap
  8. This from the comments of the second bike may explain it's cheapness

  9. Crazy thing is a 2006 model 250 Hornet (with fuel injection) is only around $6,000 brand new in Japan - yet here that's the price for a 10 year old import.
  10. yeah i went onto the jap honda site and got just over 6K for a brand new hornet.... sucks that we have to pay 7990 for a vtr250. If they starting importing them theyd charge the same as some of the base 600's i reckon..
    can u import new bikes into aus, if u say have a mate in japan??
  11. Yeh and $8500 for one at Sumoto...... :roll:
  12. No, but if you lived in Japan for a year (and rode it for a year) you'd be allowed to bring it home with you.
  13. That's a nice looking 250 Tash..... makes me think again about what a blue 600 would look like with wheels some colour other than black.....
  14. Im happy to keep my Hornet, most fun Ive had sitting on my arse.
    Then later im getting the big 900 hornbag. Cant wait