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Hornet 250 and insurance...?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Removed_User_5, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    Just wondering........I am insured fully comp with RACV and Im looking at their site trying to get an estimate on insuring (fully comp) a Honda Hornet 250 I beleive the model is CB250f.
    But RACV dont have it on thier list....?
    Its a grey import and i cant find it on the list to get through my quote.....

    Any ideas of an online insurance quote site where I can get an idea of the cost ?



  2. Stookie,

    I have mine through Western QBE for the princely sum of $209 a year full comp...pretty good price hey...but then I am an old bastard :grin:
  3. SO IS HE !!!!!!! :LOL:
  4. i give them a call tomorrow
    and let you know how I go
  5. Stookie's got a Hornet! :)
    Stookie's got a Hornet! :cool:
    Stookie's got a Hornet! :wink:
    Stookie's got a Hornet! :LOL:
  6. Just hit "REFRESH" a few times till you see the QBE banner on this site and click it.
    Fill in your details and they send you a quote teh following day.

    1999 Firestorm, garaged in Tarneit,

    Shannons, $900
    SWANN $750
    WQBE $470
  7. All done Vic....thanks for that.
    Can I cancel My insurance with RACV at anytime if I change my bike ?
    Im expecting it to be around the same.....not a worry.

  8. Read the fine print of the policy wording did you? And look at all excesses they charge you?

    If they're comparable policies and excesses, then thumbs up to QBE in your situation.

    In mine however - '97 ST2, garaged in Heidelberg Heights, 27yo male, unrestricted license <2yrs. Initial quotes: Shannons $880, Swann $880, QBE $579. However, QBE policy didn't compare (helmet cover, rating protection and various other unattractive bits of fine print), nor did their excesses ($1150 compared to $400). Only reason I went with Swann in the end was that Shannons won't insure you if you haven't been off restrictions for 2 years.

    IMHO Shannons policy document is farking excellent and should be given serious consideration if their premium is even vaguely comparable to other policys. No more for pay by the month, $3k rider gear cover, $1.5k pillion gear cover, cover for instructed events at the track (HART, Superbike School), choice of repairer.....

    Stookie: Shannons have online quotes as well - not sure if they list the Hornet. Just bear in mind that they won't actually insure you, but the quote may give you a rough idea.

    You can cancel your RACV policy if you change companies with the new toy. If you've paid the full 12 months premium, and there is a meaningful amount of time left to run on the policy, you can terminate the policy in writing and they should refund you the pro rata premium for the rest of the 12 months. If you just let it run it will automatically lapse at the end of the 12 month period if you don't renew it. If you're on monthly direct debits, you will need to cancel in writing, including an instruction to cancel the direct debit authority, and request any unused premium already paid (balance of this month for example) to be sent out as a check to your home address.
  9. Bro, if its not on the list, its a bike they dont offer cover for.

    Most grey imports they dont do insurance on.
  10. of course u can man :LOL:

    call em 7 days 0700-2300 ph: 131955

    cancellation fee applies & leftover premium is refunded
  11. He does not need to write a request to cancel. Thats the slowest & most
    inconvenient way for one to cancel a contract.

    He is better calling up & cancelling over the phone or going into a shop.
    I'd rather spend the 2mins it takes someone to say "please cancel my
    policy" then having to spend time writing a letter, posting it & waiting for
    a response from the insurer.

    A better option may be to email your cancellation request to care@racv.com.au

    FYI, telling him to let the policy run & lapse @ renewal is BAD advice.

    Does it make sense to pay for insurance he dosent require & forgo any
    refund on his premium?

    2ndly, if its a pay by the month policy, it WILL NOT cancel as of renewal
    unless he notifies RACV. In fact, his policy will automatically renew & his
    account will continue to be debited.

    3rdly, & more importantly u CANNOT double insure a veh. U run the risk
    of having a claim denied by either insurer for obvious reasons & u DONT
    want that to happen to ya, do ya?

    if you've insured elsewhere, or no longer require cover for whateva reason
    do the right thing. Cancel the policy U no longer require & get ya refund
    (if applicable). If cancelling a policy midterm, you are charged a cancellation
    fee & any premium left over is refunded to the insured.
  12. I have RACV for agreed value 5k (they wanted 2.2k book value) on my hornet $415.

    But i only paid it yesterday, i will be ringing QBE today, and cancelling if i have to.
  13. So have you got the Hornet or not. Pics, Pics Pics :grin:
  14. That was in mitchum or somewwhere for 5800 20?kms

    That exhaust is a very shiny :)
  15. You'd have to talk to Stookie for details, jth, but he was IM'ing me last night about it and sent me that pic.

    It DOES look like an aftermarket exhaust, and apparently the bike's mileage is below 20,000 for a 97 model. He's very excited, needless to say.
  16. The ad on bikepoint, aside from the colour of the bike is identical to the ad for the one i just bought.

    18km 5900, same years etc. I ended up paying 5100 including a new rear tyre and RWC 12 months reg.

    BUT i am taking it in to have the front forks looked at as i think they are heaps too soft. the front end bounces around a little bit in corners and ddoesnt feel great, it makes me a bit nervous, they kinds feel soft just sitting on the bike.

    I am also gonna see about diffferent sprocket as it sits on more than 8k revs at 100kmh - be MUCH nicer at 6k, i am willing to sacrifice a little take off etc to be able to sit on the freeway confortably.

    So i guess its not as cheap as i first thought :(
  17. Sounds like the fork oil is low, or needs replacing.

    One or two teeth fewer, at the most, on the back sprocket should drop the highway revs, but you might have to get a link taken out of your chain too....

    Just bear in mind, though, that if you want to travel at 6,000 instead of 8,000 at highway speeds, that you'll probably be doing a fair bit more gear changing to overtake, etc, because the engine will be further below its torque band at those lower revs.....
  18. I dont mind using the gears. If i need to over take i will change gears. At the moment they are so close together its no fun. I just dont ride flat out in every single gear from every single stop.

    Its not fun at 8-9k for a long peroid of time - i tried to ride from Dromana to Frankston and its now good at all...

    How much should forks and sprocket cost?

    Booked it in to get the forks looked at and new sprocket on the rear - says under $200 for forks and sprocket costs $45, BUT he gonna try and sell me a chain...grrr...

    How long to chains last? Guy i bought the bike off said this one is only 1000km old.
  19. Get onto Pete the Pom and ask him for a service quote on the forks.

    I bought two new sprockets and a new chain for the Hornet a couple of weeks ago and it cost about $270, rear sprocket is around $70, I think. Pete may be able to fix this up too.....