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Hornet 250 / 600 - Luggage Reccomendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by micx0r, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I want to get a luggage system for my bike. I am thinking a gearsack but can do whatever.. It doesnt seem like there's any holes drilled already for something like that..

    Do I have to have the bike shop install it?

    Any particular gear reccomendations?

  2. Ventura do make a rack to suit the 600 Hornet which you could install yourself but they can be expensive (unless you can track one down 2nd hand). However having the rack and bag can be extremely useful, at the very least it can give you somewhere to store your helmet/gloves etc. when parked. Another, cheaper option that's good for trips away is a set of soft throw-over panniers (do a search there's a thread where I reviewed a few). The other option would be a magnetic tank bag, relatively cheap and easy to take on or off. All depends on how much stuff you want to carry and how often.
  3. I think the rack goes where the pillion handle this is, you take that off and uses the same fitting for the gearsac?
  4. I agree the Ventura is probably your best option. Average Cost for the Ventura bag, rack and fitting kit seems to be in the $350 to $375 range.

    I fitted the one to the ZRX1200R myself, and lots of people have fitted them to other bikes. The difficulty varies from bike to bike as the alignment of the holes, the rack seems to vary a little, which can make fitting either dead easy or a right pain in the arse.

    If it worries you then most bike shops will fit them although you'll of course pay extra for the privledge :)
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  6. Hmm i ahve seen a rack of some kind that used those bolts - maybe it was home made :) ?
  7. nope it's definitely a ventura rack with a ventura bag.
    they say "ventura" on them
    And I got it with the receipt for the rack & bag, plus a thing from Peter Stevens charging for installing it.
    it's an OLDER one, from 1999.
  8. Depending upon the bike model Ventura racks sometimes require one to remove the pillion grab handles (that was the case with my ZRX1200R).

    On other bike models Ventura racks run underneath the ducktail and don't require removing the grab rail(s).

    Often they require removing the seat, duck tail (or part of), the tail light and sometimes with high mounted exhausts the muffler(s).

    Looking at the picture of your Hornet 600 as a guide it seems it is of the type that runs under the ducktail (which is good), but it's very close to the muffler (which may or may not be difficult).
  9. I got a Ventura rack and bag a few weeks ago and now dont know how i got by without it. :)
  10. Thanks guys,

    I rang around and they couldn'y find a system that suported the cb250F Hornet. I'm thinking that cos it's the same chassis as the 600, the locally delivered 600 should work on it.

  11. Should be identical from everything i ahve read. Best not to order this online maybe, rock to a store up have a good look first?
  12. I got a motodry tank bag, was surprised how much i could get into it. Zips down to 3 seperate parts and a rucksack too.
    I only paid $109 and better for me with the tank bag as I dont have to worry about rack system for my Hornet.
  13. I bought the bike with the Ventura rack and bought a low rack and mini-bag after. The rack definitely does not require the removal of the passenger grab handle. I can't see why the 600 compatible rack shouldn't fit the 250; it's the same frame...
    The other thing I'd recommend is a magnetic tank bag, goes well with the metal tank.
  14. i had a mate weld up a rack for me

    i used a rack off a honda scooter starts with "s" cant think of it...
    is the perfect profile of the hornet after a little modification it fits and looks not to daggy as well....

    secondhand rack $50
    welding $50
    spray and primer $30

    you have to take out the existing handle run some tubing up so they are both even to allow for a plate then i siliconed a perspex plate either side to bodge the holes up ( and i mean bodge :LOL: ) so i can have the rack on or off

    the welder also bolted on a 5mm thick aluminium plate from which the rack can swing off and acts as a second mount and for the grab rail
    pillions sit easy no worries there..
    BUT you need to gouge out a bit of plastic from the seat in order for the plate to engage properly.... dremel is good for that
    you seat wil never fit as snugly. but this is BODGE job.
    not a honda specified accessory :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:



    how it would look if i was bothered to put it on

    rack in action
    (i have modified since)

    enjoy :grin: