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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by scooter, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. The current edition of AMCN (the one with the netrider photo innit) has an add on about pg 29 for a new brand of kevlar jeans with the cheesy name 'hornee'.
    Besides the bad choice of brand name they don't look too bad and may actually have more covering of kevlar than the current draggins offer, but would need to try them on to be sure.
    At this stage it would appear going by the ad that the distributor is only looking for shops to take the product to the masses and not trying to market them directly.

    Looks like it wont be long and there will be more options than you can poke a stick at when it comes to protective casuals.
  2. They might appeal to Hornet riders, scooter........
  3. That is a given Hornet, B O T if I had a scanner I would scan the full page add and post it up for critical comment.
  4. I shall buy the mag on the way home tonight, and scan it up and post it, unless someone beats me to it!!!
  5. OH NO........ 4,600+ posts and now riding gear named after him..... not fair not fair.... :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Now, if only somebody would come up with a kevlar-reinforced business suit for me that I could wear to work, I'd be happy. Not hornee, just happy.
  7. Loz,

    I actually have access to such a riding suit. It is Kevlar re-inforced with all the protection and 75% water proof.... You can wear normal clothes underneath. If you want to know more, contact me
  8. No Skuff, he wants a Kevlar SUIT, as in a suit, business-type, made of kevlar.

    hmmm, in some of the places I have worked, that would have been an advantage, your knees got so worn with all the grovelling you had to do........
  9. And it looks like a proper business suit?

    Tell me more!
  10. Not exactly like a business suit.... But, I am sure you would be pleasantly surprised.

    We should get together.... Are you going to Grrrrl's BBQ at all?
  11. Actually mate I'm orf to Tassie for a week of a thousand reeftons end to end. I expect to return in a zipped-up bag :LOL:
  12. Well done PT.

    And as for the rest of you hijackers, John Howard has his Surveilance goons keeping you under observation.
  13. Hey everyone..

    Just brought a pair of these jeans from the bike show.. Got to say WAY WAY WAY better then draggins ! Heaps better cut and material ! Way better kevlar.. heaps more of it to. They are a hipster so they are heaps more cool and look funky aswell.. Guys only have black at the moment although blue comes early next year..

    My wife actually saw the jeans and said there nice and then realised they had kavlar in them.. LOL.. She freaked out and said can I have a pair just to wear out.. I said no but brought some for myself !!! LOL

    I suggest MCAS as my brother in law brought some from there recently..

  14. hey social karter how much were they?

    anyone know who sells them in melb?
    once i get some money back from my tax i'm gonna shop for some leathers or kevlar jeans.
  15. Cosi,

    I actually got a bargain and only paid $180 as they were at the show and i was dealing straight from the distributor.. Although When I was at MCAS on Sunday they were advertised for $235. Heaps better material and heaps better cut.. I showed a friend last night and he said they were really nice jeans only to freak out when i showed him the insides of the jeans.. He was saying to me whats all the Greeny/Yellow crap in there .. I then explained that it was kevlar and he was freaking out because he would have just brought the jeans as going out jeans..

    Highly recommend anyone looking at dragins to try both pairs on first.. i must admit thought hornee jeans are suited for the younger crowd.. or.. oldies going though a midlife crisis.. LOL... joking !
  16. and just as well too, oldies indeed, I'm not old, I've just been young for a long time :D
  17. I'll have to check these out then as i am about to go shopping for a pair of kevlar jeans and leather jacket.

    This is instead of my motodry duo jacket and pants, which makes me look like the michelin man when i have both on. Just the jacket is ok but with both it's quite funny. So i figure the kevlar jeans and leather jacket will mean i also won't have to get changed when i reach my destination.
  18. Another alternative to Draggins are the Red Wolf jeans which actually appear to have been designed more for the military than motorcycles, though I have seen them on eBay as motorcycle gear - haven't tried them though (link only seems to work with Internet Explorer, not Mozilla for some reason).
  19. They look interesting jd... think I might have to buy a pair...