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HORNEE Jeans Mens Black

Discussion in 'Pants' started by Hicksey11, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. This isnt a great review, but once I go for a ride and wer them in I will do a proper review.

    These jeans are fantastic! Great feel, Great fit, and are very nicely stiched throughout.

    First thing I noticed is that they werent bulky like the Draggin Jeans I used to have and the the kevlar is also a different style form the Draggins'. I like the way Hornee have done it because it feels like a real pair of jeans that you would buy from the shop. Plenty of Kevlar protection aswell.

    One thing I was really impressed with was the fit. Im a 32" but sometimes I see myself heading for the 34" but with Hornee the 32" is a perfect fit. They sit great on the hips and are not too tight (Relaxed fit). When I tried the Draggins I felt that the 32" was too tight and the 34" too loose.

    I went and had a sit on the bike and they are very comfortable in the riding position.

    5 Stars for the Hornee Jeans. I just ordered another pair because the fit so well.