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Hornee jeans? Icon Jeans? Where in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dazza139, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I'm out to try a few different motorcycle jeans on. Draggins just don't fit me well.

    Hornee seem to have a big range on their website but when I check the shops there are only ever a couple of pairs and always in the wrong size too... Can anyone suggest where to go to see a big range of these? I Would also like to try some icon jeans if anyone knows who stocks them?


  2. Have you had a look at the Yamaha dealer on Elizabeth St? I know they had some Hornee Jeans in stock just not sure if by definition is a big stock.
  3. I've seen a fair range of icon gear at redwing honda - heidelberg and kawasaki - ringwood. again not sure if it can be considered a huge range.
  4. I bought mine from Race replica kawasaki on geelong rd near footscray. They had a pretty big range...and netriders get a discount there. :grin:
  5. Draggins do have a service where they can tailor their jeans to fit ( at an extra cost )
  6. Thanks Guys for the suggestions. Tried on some Hornee's but they are bloody big sizings and couldn't find a 30 anywhere! In the end bought some Shift Lowdown jeans. Very good fit and very comfortable.
  7. I just learnt this the hard way. Ordered a pair from MCAS, size 34 like every other pair I own...fcuked if I know who they were sizing up when they figured out their sizes.
  8. Read the label of the Shift jeans. Mine were the older style and the kevlar lining consisted of 6% kevlar, 79% cotton and 15% polyester. Didn't hold up too well in the crash test either.