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Horn Upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. I know we got some resourceful people out there. The standard horn on every bike I've ever ridden is pathetic.

    Anyone changed out to something that will actually make people turn and wonder WTF :LOL:

    Where did you get it from - wreckers, Super Cheap/Repco - let us know

    I've seen Stebel horns but these look to be a decent size and don't know if it will fit in the space so may have to relocate.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Alex, pop into a wrecker and get an ex-BMW FIAMM elctric horn (or two if you think they'll fit) You probably will need to get them wired in via a relay so they don't give your electrics a hard time, but they have a strident, piercing note. You won't be ignored!!
  3. :LOL:

    "neep neep" goes the 230kg 1000cc honda

    i hear you
  4. I grabbed a "nautilus" air horn off ebay (I'll see if there are any more and pm you the link) it's got the compressor and horn combined into a compact unit, still too big for the cat.

    I discovered the compressor is just pushed into the horn, so easily removed. Fitted the compressor up onto the right hand fairing mount, the horn was trimmed and fits perfectly between the forks where the old electric one mounted, relay fits centrally under the dash.

    130 db at 2 metres :twisted: scares the shyte out of wayward steerers, Techno, Twingirl and Smack were rather shocked at the volume.

    The important bit is the relay, even a standard car horn gives a respectable hoot if a relay is added to the circuit.

  5. If there are any left, can you post the link instead? :wink:
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  7. Thanx; & will go through navigation. :grin:
  8. How long did it take you to install Iff?
  9. you could do what i did... raided my house mates push bike box found a bike bell that had been discarded and bolted to the handle bars.... it gets the effect you where after... WTF !!!!!

  10. if you're looking for a horn upgrade, your spam could be a useful resource.
  11. Air horn is the go , draw backs of it are though accidently pressing it while riding slowly in a car park or high pedestrian area scaring the hell out of yourself and any innocent bystanders, and washing your bike and getting water in the horn so when you do use it it sprays alot of water out which was quiet funny the first time I did it.
    Did have a stage where I was trying to make people pull out in front of me so I could give them a blast.
    Horn is located under the dash between the forks and the compressor is bolted to the frame behind the fairing on the left hand side.
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  13. Hi all,

    This is what you want http://tinyurl.com/yda5xr

    I have just received mine in the post yesterday.

    My bike has a single horn (as i assume most do), therefore just the one pair of wires coming to it. This new horn is a twin set, one high pitched and one lower pitched to create that really obvious ear bleeding sound.

    Me being the lazy sod that i am, couldnt be bothered rigging up an extra set of wires just yet, so i just plugged one of the horns straight into the existing wiring. At the moment i've just got the higher pitched one set up.

    My lord....this is one bloody loud horn! Even with just the one horn in use it is extremely loud. I honestly think it will make a significant difference if/when required. No more pathetic little wimper from my horn. People are going to get a bit of a shock when they hear it and then see a bike! :evil: :grin:

    I will see how it goes, but some time in the future when i have time, i will probably rig up the secome unit to see what its like.

    So the only negative with this is that the horn comes as a dual tone twin pack and at the moment i'm only using the one, so not really getting my moneys worth. However, even if only one horn came then i still think its worth the $40.

    I will post up some pics of it installed this evening or tomorrow.
  14. Looks good, although the blurb on the eBay page says:

    So the advertiser is saying you only need 2 wires to get both tones working. If that's correct, I'm not sure why you had a problem.
  15. Yeah the advertisement is a little inaccurate there. Possibly for cars it is correct because you may already have a dual horn setup.

    For bikes with just the one OEM horn, there will just be one positive and one negative wire going to the horn. In order to fit teh second horn as well you would need to run a second set of wires or splice off the existing wires.

    Question for the electronics buffs:

    As per paragraph above, if i wanted to connect the second horn up could i just get some of those clips that bite into the existing wire thereby creating a connection to the aditional wire or would i have to run a whole set of extra wires from the horn control unit thingy?

  16. Took half a day to install MG, but 95% of that was working out the place to put it. Every bike is different. I hid the horn part between the forks, below the bottom triple clamp, compressor went up onto the right hand fairing mount.

    That's the same horn Edgelett, available in red, black and chrome. The compressor part just pops out of the horn part, add a bit of hose and it'll fit almost anywhere. By bejeebers.. its LOUD!! :shock:

    Duffman, the answer is to use a relay, plug your existing horn wires to the coil terminals of the relay, then attach a spliced cable, double spade connector, wotever to your horn(s) You can get relays that include multiple "outlet" connectors if you look around.

    IMHO you should NEVER replace the horn with a noisier one, multiple horns, or air horn compressors unless you include a relay. The OEM wiring is meant to handle the pathetic amperage of the original squeakers, not uber decibel monsters like the 130db contraption I have, that suck tens of amps down the cable. :twisted: An extra fuse is handy as well, just for safeties sake
  17. well the person who recommended it to me did make the following statement:
    "for the love of god don't ever press it in a shed!"

    awesome - will be getting one soon.
  18. Oh yeah... I endorse that totally, helmet with earplugs wont save you.

    It sounds just like a Mack truck. :cool:
  19. Ah i see. Well that would explain why there was a relay in the package :roll: If i put in the new relay will the exiosting wiring be ok?
  20. Yup.. existing wiring terminates at the relay, new wiring from the relay to the horn(s)

    hope that makes sense