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Horn upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by HONDA_PETE, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Just splashed out $59 and a few hours to upgrade my horn to a double horn for my bike... It's louder should wake up a few cagers don't know how to upload a picture though Dima may assist in that

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  2. You use your horn? I just ride defensively....taught me a lot riding for 6 months with a busted horn ....if its like one of those train horns then you get cool points for how amazingly annoying they are...well worth it ....there's my dribble for now
  3. I have only encountered a few occasions where I wanted to use the horn but either too busy concentrating on riding or cancelled the indicator instead! And when I did manage to sound it was accidentally with my riding buddies when cancelling my indicator. :confused:

    Always thought those train ones are so cool but also afraid that I might end up startling myself Haha. Tell us how it goes when you get to use it!
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  4. Got a pair of Stebel's (139db) to fit to a customers bike,,,as soon as I get some of the others out of the shed!! lol
  5. Waiting....waiting....waiting...

    And since when am I a "customer"? Well, sort of, I guess...

    ETA: I ride defensively AND use my horn. Might as well use everything one has available to them. The Z horn isn't 'too' bad; most people seem to hear it.
  6. Horn broken, watch for finger.
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  7. Do that too. I did say 'everything'... :)
  8. Didn't know if you wanted anyone to know as yet. :)
    I just fitted a new horn to the Z,,,Almost as loud as the standard one!!!

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  9. horn upgrade?
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  10. This is exactly me. When I first started riding, I began by doing laps around my block. The first time I went out for a lap, I turned the first left hand corner, then went to cancel my indicator but accidentally hit the horn instead - the people moving into a house just around that corner must have thought I was welcoming them to the neighbourhood. Imagine their surprise when I came back around the same corner 3 minutes later and tooted again - and their confusion when it happened again a third time ... after the fourth I gave up and went back home.

    Have since figured out how to successfully cancel the indicator without hitting the horn, but now I can also never find the horn when I want it, and always instead end up very aggressively cancelling my indicator at them.
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  11. hahahahah

    I KNOW!!!!

  12. <cancel!!>
    Take THAT evil-doer!
  13. It definitely woke me up yesterday LOL

    To upload a picture use the upload file button or press the attach icon on the Tapatalk.

    You also might like the Banshee Horn:

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  14. Air horns are awesome, almost too awesome.
    Come on...merge without looking so I can blast you...:D
  15. Do not have permission.. I too rarely use the horn in the 10 years of biking. But going back to a smaller cc bike that's not loud or doesn't stop/handle as well as a super sport I think the investment into the horn was justified.. Of course I'm going to drive defensive. Not going to sit in blind spot waiting to see a blinker just to honk them!!! Although maybe fun on a Sunday afternoon when nothing else to do ;-)

    A louder horn says "hey F you, that's right you cager... You have just stuffed up look out" as apposed to "hey excuse me but you almost killed me, please don't do that again"

    Also it's a cruiser 250, I get no respect from Harley riders, no respect from sports bike riders, the old guys in the tourers are too blind to notice, and scooter riders should not be classed as motorcyclists... The louder horn is not going to move me up on the pecking list anytime soon...

    That's my rant for today done! Beep beep
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