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horn on zzr and brakes on zzr.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cameron, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. my horn has stopped working, i have no idea why. upon close inspection, ive noticed this:


    where the wire is broken, that wire is connected to the hose like thing just above it.

    and my brakes. my rear brake has been making a grinding noise for a few weeks now, and ive been ignoring it. looking at my brake disc today, its being 'scratched'...brake pads were worn down to the screw i presume?

    i feel like an idiot for ignoring the problem, but when you have no money to take it to a mechanic....so im just wondering, how much for brake pads on the rear and a new disc?
  2. Horn's an easy fix,. I'm sure one of the boys can solder a new connector onto the end of the wire for you.

    I got a second-hand rear disc for the Hornet from a wrecker, cost me $125.00.

    And don't ignore noises; the bike can't talk and they are the only way they have of communicating their needs with you :).
  3. If the disc isn't too badly grooved, just replace the pads. Pretty easy job.
  4. ok, i think i may try replacing my pads.

    i ride a zzr, and ill need to remove the exhaust to get to the calipers...if anyone rides a zzr, how do i detacht he exhaust? it seems to lead righ to the engine...

    also, if i cant get the the allen key screws to budge, is it cause im weak or because im doing something wrong? will WD40 help?


    any other tips concerning brake pad changing will help.
  5. I doubt you'd have to remove the exhaust. A lot of Jap calipers allow you to pull the pads out of the rear of the caliper.

    where about are you in Liverpool?
  6. i live in green valley.
  7. You don't have to remove the exhaust. The caliper is held in place by the axle bolt and a grove on the swing arm. Just remove the back wheel and the caliper will fall out.
  8. so ive been looking at my brakes, and ive discovered that the rear brake rotor is warped

    as you spin the wheel, it actually comes to a point where it begins to grind against the pads/screw without the brake engaged.

    what are the consequences of ignoring that and just fitting new pads?
  9. the same thing will happen again, at least, but you will be riding without fully-functional brakes. Get it replaced.....
  10. i mean, the brakes work, and the bike stops...

    the only consequence i can see is the pads wearing down much further...

    should i just try 'banging' the rotor with a hammer so its less warped? or is that crazy and will that stuff something else up?
  11. You WON'T be able to straighten it now it's warped. And you will wear your rear pads at a higher rate if you don't replace the disc; in fact you will wear the pads out even if you don't use the back brake.....
  12. [​IMG]

    thats my rear brake...where are the pads? i dont even know what pads are...
  13. right there
  14. thats so thick? so i dont need to replace pads?

    is there only one?
  15. thanks a lot for your help hornet, and the other guys :D
  16. It only looks like there is only one because the other one is worn away and the disk is rubbing on the metal, that’s what is making the grinding noise.

    It should look the same on both sides of the disk.

    When you look at the disk through the wheel is the disk very scratched? If it is scratched badly you would need to replace it even if it wasn’t buckled.

    I would be asking some one to give you a hand with this if you aren’t sure as it is rather important that the breaks are working properly.

  17. There should be two, so the other one is completely worn down.

    Are you sure the disc is warped or is the cush drive just not sitting square?
  18. i have no idea...i dont even know what a cush drive is.

    latest issue...havnt ridden bike in like a week, and now it makes a ticking noise from left side of engine...what the hell.
  19. ticking noise matches revs

    as i rev, it ticks faster (very difficult to actually notice though)

    but at idle revs (which have also dropped) its very distinct.
  20. Cameron
    If I was you I would be taking the bike to a mechanic or someone that knows about bikes, and get them to have a look over it for you.
    From what you are saying about the breaks and the ticking I am guessing you are not a mechanical minded person? No offence meant by that either.

    Apart from what you are talking about there could be something bad about to happen also I wouldn’t be riding with the back brake like that.

    If I wasn’t so far away I’d offer to have a look for you. But an 800k round trip is a bit much for one day.