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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Postal, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I don't really frequent this forum as I am more of a lone rider:p Authough I ride with others ocasionally.

    I have an issue: On a particular corner in my local super market car park, My front tyre often slips when I take it at any resonable speed. I also had this problem when taking a right degree corner in the mountians this one time.

    Does my stearing suck, or what? All the times that it's happend i've just slamed my foot on the ground straightend the stearing and she was right - but it probally didn't look too hot.

    Any comments/sujestions guys - girls?

  2. Have you got decent tyres on?
    Some car parks have slippery surfaces especially the indoor/underground ones.
  3. I've done this numerous times, once at royal national park (NSW) and once going through a corner at 60km and had to stamp my feet on ground to get balance back again.

    Problem might be that your tyres are worned out (like mine before), or the road surface is slippery, i suggest you actually park your bike and check out the road surface (of that corner).

    Or just decrease your lean angle.
  4. So may variables, it's impossible to guess really. Given the same corner, as the other said, check out the road surface (or why not just avoid it). Could be tyre pressures, or you've worn that side of your tyre, etc etc.

    Putting a foot down is not a good option - good way to succeed in coming off IMO. Relax, keep an even throttle, head up and ride through is the alternative I'd be focussing on.
  5. *sniff*

    I smell troll
  6. :LOL:

    Kinda wondering why would you wanna be taking a corner in a supermarket carpark at reasonable speed anyway ? :LOL:

    I'd rather twities anyday :p
  7. LoL try to land your front tyre on Tram tracks in Melbourne.

    I hate turning onto a road with tram tracks, I don't mind riding on the road with them, but turn into one with them, kind of puts me off a bit.

    I turned onto one a few days ago... felt the slip and wobble and I thought to myself, ok that's it, my first fall, but thank god it wasn't raining, the bike sort of got back onto position.
  8. Your probably going too fast for the road surface condition.
  9. I think this is a case of a slippery spot on the corner. Oil, gravel, water?? any of these things in small amounts can make you slip.

    Check your tires for grease stains and how much tread is left.
  10. I would say gravel. Car parks surfaces that have been damaged in some way sometimes get the pot hole filled in with gravel...
  11. well, if you're on one of these, what's the problem, eh?

    ride that corner!

  12. Now that's low.

    What's the deal?
  13. Dude, let us help you by helping us first.

    What speed were you doing, how sharp were you turning, how much lean did you have, what type of bike were you riding and the most important of all, what was the surface condition like.

  14. there's actually racing syndicates, who only race in multi-level carparks at all hours of the night.
    personally, i've gotten up to 70-80 on my 125 while giving my workmates a quick fang on the back in the deserted carpark. no tire slippage though, but i kept to straight lines
  15. Just quietly charms do you have a bike yet.....? i know ive only had one for a little while and im still fairly shite BUT i wouldnt be commenting on driving if i hadnt driven or didnt own a car :wink:
  16. mmmm, Troll.
  17. I haven't heard of this b4 :eek: i've only seen push bike riders speed around down car park ramps! :LOL:

    It was just a general question lol
    I guess you have taken offence to what i have written then? well im sorry :wink:
    keep practicing though you will get better .
    as for bike no still saving :grin: