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Hopkins gets his elbow down

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Apr 4, 2006.

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  2. OoooH!

    When I saw the tilte I though it was something about Anthony Hopkins in "Worlds Fastest Indian" :shock:

    Looking at that pick I can understand why the Stay Upright instructors kept saying "elbows down and tucked in"!!
  3. Does anyone know why they say to keep your elbows down & tucked in? I ride with my elbows out (motocross style), I believe this gives more control via more strength; try doing a push up with your elbows by your side; harder isn't it.
  4. :shock: :eek: great pic.

    biz opportunity for first person to come up with well-designed elbow-slider??? :grin:
  5. Christ, that is a fair effort!

    Great photo too :)

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  7. That elbow-slider pic's pretty impressive.
  8. Is mainly to keep wrists down IIRC, that way its more relaxing, and forces you to roll the wrist forward as you apply brake, making sure you throttle off.

    Part of above, not comfortable withy elbows out and down :shock:

    Wotever floats your boat, if it works, do it!
    But I couldn't ride a road bike for long like that, it's more comfortable for me to keep the elbows/forearms lower than the bars.
    relaxed and comfortable = smoother, controlled inputs in my case.

    If you do lots of radical turning/manhandling of the bars aka MX and I guess stunts (not interested myself), then yeah, but bar input for me is a lot more subtle, no need for strength unless you're in an emergrency, then countersteering is used (ie push the bar, not pull), with an andrenaline surge to help, no need to manhandle.

    Errr, nope, easier pushing straight down with elbows next to the chest, but then again, I haven't done a push up since I left the army in 1998 :LOL: