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Hoping to get some cash out of this guy...reckon i can?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nake., Feb 2, 2009.

  1. So..heres the run down:

    my neighbour has a tennis court, im good friends with their family and often use the tennis court.

    The neighbour that lives on one end of the tennis court is an absolute douche' . him and his family constently yell abuse and what not because they have tennis balls ending up in their yard...Ive been mouthed off at by this guy countless times, including naughty things to do with my parents / family / friends, and an unbelievable record of swear words thrown in...

    I reckon he is about 40 - 50 and im only 16...

    Today he was saying he would rip my head off if i didnt f*%( off, and the same thing to my daddy or something...i continued to play tennis and he got the hose out and started spraying me when i was playing...

    So i was a smart ass and pretended i like the hose...hey, i was pretty sweaty :D.

    I was wondering...if i got this on tape, and without doing anything bad managed to get him to maybe hit me or something? all on camera with sound...would i be able to take him to court and maybe get some cash out of him? I really want to try and save up for a nice CBR 600 / 1000 for when i get off my restrictions :D

    oh btw ive sworn at him and his family a couple times, and once jumped the fence to get tennis balls back, but didnt touch anything and was in the yard for honestly a minute.
  2. Yes. You are being assaulted.
  3. School started last week, don't you have homework or something?
  4. experiences will vary, but i doubt cops will do much IF all parties stay on their own property and confrontations are just verbal, and not physical.

    you just admitted to trespassing on their property.

    if verbal abuse continues you can have a solicitor send a stern letter on your behalf

    but you arent get any money. sorry. its not america
  5. Why don't you invite him to play; he's probably just jealous, and may be a really nice guy.
  6. cause he's been doing it for about 2 years and does it to everyone who plays...first time i ever played, he came out, sat on a chair, and tried to bawk me every time i went for a shot....honestly.
  7. So why haven't the friends who own the tennis court built a proper 3 metre fence around their court so balls very rarely go over the fence? If they do that (or have done), then they could probably get the cops or the council to come and have a chat with the abusive guy for harassment.

    No money though... and without being too harsh, the fact that that was one of the first things you thought of is a symptom of what's worst about our society at the moment...
  8. Does the neighbour actually know you have permission to use the tennis court?
  9. It's your friend's court, it's your friend's problem. Obviously the neighbour has a beef with the friend, and any of HIS friends. It's up to your friend to sort it out; neighbourhood disputes are NEVER single-sided, and it's obvious your friend is not telling you everything about this one.
  10. You have verbally assaulted him and his family and you have illegally trespassed on his property...your case is shot.
  11. Yeah thats a good idear get him to hit you,you get a blood clot on your brain, have a stroke then you can use the money for yout nurses and reabilataion :roll:
  12. lol i didnt mean actually hit me, get him to swing and i just jump out of the way...i back off, and he looks bad...:D

  13. Case Dismissed.....NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I've archived this thread so that if you attempt this then your whole case falls as flat as a tack.
    What a stupid thread this is. :roll:
  15. I think it's a great idea, champ.
    Definitely do it.

    Maybe cry "R@pe!" at the same time for extra effect, seeing as how you're a minor and all.
  17. I am both Shocked and Appalled.
  18. If you record the incident and provoke the guy in any way your case is shot.

    You may also end up donating a portion of your future earnings to the guy as damages.
  19. I'll call a spade a spade. The OP is either trolling or a knob.

    Sorry 2up, neither is true. There is no such thing a verbal assault and Trespass doesn't work like that.

    With trespass they have got to ask you to leave and if you refuse they must call the cops. When the cops attend they must ask you to leave and then, if you refuse, they can arrest you.

    It's a good thing to have in mind when you are being pestered by overcompensating security guards.

    The OP was assaulted when he was hosed, but the cops are unlikely to do anything about it. If they were board they may have a word to the guy.
  20. I hope you do it, and the bloke beats you to within an inch of your life.

    I really hope this bloke is a troll...