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Hoping to be off my P's this time next....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Dropbear485, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Hey people, mid life crisis bloke here. Been riding for a few years braving the Sydney traffic and unless the lady at Service NSW is pulling my leg, I should be able to go in there and pick up my full bike license next week. Still unsure why they don't send out any notices. Wasn't it brilliant evading the Christmas traffic and parking debacles on the bike?
    Because I'm so old.... I skip the Green P thing. Thank God for that. I'd be on my full license already if it weren't for a little incident involving lane filtering while on my P's. How was I to know you can only do it on your full licence? To make things worse it was a bike cop who pinged me!

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  2. Nice one mate, u got a 1000cc beast in the garage yet ?
  3. G'day Dropbear485Dropbear485, congratulations on your impending unrestricted rider licence - it's a good thing to be be able to skip the green P-plate licence stage isn't it.
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  4. Just recently got that unrestricted t-shirt myself! And about to head off on my first proper unrestricted ride with a few guys from on here tomorrow.

    It feels much safer unrestricted, to travel at normal speeds concentrating on what's going on, and not prioritisng the speedo and the look out for cops - and to be rid of stupid survival of the fittest type reduced speed limits making you a tiny and unprotected target.

    Filtering without having to check for cops makes it so much easier and safer too. Sorry to hear your journey to unrestricted was delayed. I deliberately chose a year I was away for a few months to do my red (and only) year on P's. Took my first pillion for a spin this morning, and now have my Bluetooth comms sorted too. Feels like a completely different ride now. But i am not upgrading my (650) bike just yet. The choice I made to limit my kms last year means I am still inexperienced, so will learn the craft a bit more properly before I start considering litre bikes.

    Enjoy your impending freedom!
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  5. Reading this post this morning got me thinking, gee it's been a while since I did the MOST test, but I always assumed I couldn't upgrade from P1 to full licence (i'm also over 25) until the licence expired in April. The fact you mentioned they don't send out notices got me checking the RMS website - apparently only need to be on P1 for 12 months.

    So I immediately headed up to the RMS today, paid $25 and got my full licence. :D

    Going to enjoy
    - not worrying about losing the licence if i accidentally drift to 65 in a 60 zone
    - being able to have a beer and still being able to ride.
    - filtering
    - being able to carry a pillion
    - not having to go 10-20km/h slower than the speed limit on freeways and country roads
    - saving for a better bike.
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  6. Thanks XJ6N , at least there's some benefits of age.
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  7. Glad my post helped someone get off their P's. Be nice if they sent out notices wouldn't it?
  8. Thanks AyeKay, pillion riding is my next challenge too, be looking on here for a few tips to prevent the clashing of helmets, lol