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Hoping it's a girl

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by G2teg, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. That's Joel on his way to work.
  3. given it's a KTM. . . .
  4. I'm just wondering if she's wearing anything under that skirt.
    Purely in the interests of safety of course ;).
  5. im worried about the saftey of that teddy...

    Her legs look kinda manly, could be a he she. :p
  7. Nah. I'm thinking she's on her way to Melbourne.
  8. Don't even start, mardi gras :LOL:
  9. That's the unhappiest teddy I've ever seen.:LOL:
  10. all that safety gear ruined by the skirt
  11. So cute, yet so hottt :)
  12. She looks a bit young to be in the traffic!
  13. Nah - She is just on her way to the Pink Ribbon Ride. Pretty confident she will win the Best Pink Bike award!

  14. 3 in the morning driving back from a club in acland street (i was the designated driver) pull up at the lights to see a black 675 with wat at first i took to be a chick in french maid outfit complete with fishnets, stilletos and apron, futher noticing the rarther butch, manly and most of all hairy arms i got a bit of a shock, then i noticed the black bag strapped to the pillion seat with about 10" of riding crop sticking out the back.

    my first reaction was Bob had a new bike :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: then when he took off on the back wheel and hoofed it down the road i missed my green from laughing so much
  15. I'm sure he feels so pretty, oh so pretty. :LOL: