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N/A | National Hopefully all of Aus will disregard Rego Labels soon.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. From 1st July, SA is another state where no registration labels will be required for light vehicles..

    One can only hope the remaining states will follow soon.
    They're not really needed and just give the plod a reason to ping you for no other good reason but because they can!

    SA Changes To Light Vehicle Registration Labels

  2. about bloody time. Now to wait for NSW to get with the program. Doubt that will happen for a while.
  3. SA and wa.

    It's only a matter of time.

    I would say 12 mths for vic.

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  4. Good to hear brother. Better later than never.
  5. Have read this a few times, and it's going to be a pain in the ass...

    The whole thing really does read as if they are going to try and enforce having this certificate somewhere in your vehicle anyway. You can guarantee there will be a fine for being unable to present it upon request.

    Doing away with the 6 and 9 month rego option is also just another way to gouge you for pointless administration fees as well.
  6. Oh the evil police booking you for driving an unregistered vehicle!
  7. I think he's talking about registered, but not showing a label.
  8. VicRoads already has a Fleet scheme in which the vehicle has a simple generic blue rego sticker that has to be removed once the lease is finished and the vehicle is on sold and swapped for a normal sticker.

    The theory is that large Fleets actually do pay the rego on time but usually to late to get the stickers out to the vehicle driver before the old sticker runs out (I've lost count of ther number of times I've had to go to VicRoads to get a sticker for various company cars, trucks & trailers that got lost in the system).

    It also saves on postage and processing costs for both VicRoads, the Fleet company and the end user of the vehicle.
  9. And that right there is the reason it's almost guaranteed to be introduced in Victoria. Of course our rego fee will undoubtedly stay the same, they'll simply pocket the extra revenue.
  10. What will we use to cover our number plates now? :-k

    None of the saved admin costs will be passed on to us.

  11. Yeah no surprise there
  12. Yep. And they have no details whatsoever about the status of the vehicle's rego, or the rego number itself, date of expiry, etc.

    All it tells the copper is that it's a lease vehicle.
  13. and they can look up the vehicle status via the radio or data terminal.

  14. label is unnecessary. Mine had a typo, the RTA wanted me to pay $19 for a new one and it was their mistake. I told them (politely of course) to "punch it"
  15. I don't display my label on the bike anyway. I just sit it under the back seat. No 1 cent piece has gone flippo about it yet. That said, no doubt the day will come. :D
  16. The day they do away with them all together will be a great day.
  17. I'd prefer to keep the labels, that way if my plate falls off the bike still has something to show that it is actually registered
  18. Will be interesting to see if other states do the same... and how quickly.

    I have just ordered a new rego roll too!
    ACT are often quite pro active with things like this - but I haven't heard anything about them adopting a similar position. Anyone know otherwise?
  19. We haven't had rego tags on our bikes up in the NT for a year atleast.

    Our rego sticker just takes up a little corner of our number plate and just says when it expires.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    (Little NT shaped sticker is our rego)