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Hopefully a new P rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dastrix, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys

    Got my L's about 3 weeks ago (had them for about 3months but only started riding 3 weeks ago), having ridden dirt bikes for years and a manual car for over 10years I've done 2 weeks of practice and also did the stay up right pre P's course at Clyde. Great course! Loved it - we had Eliane as our instructor..

    We did 3hrs of practice including cones, emergency stops, u turns, swerve and so on.. I didnt knock down any cones but im sure out of the 30+ times I did the cones I may have missed it a few times... no dramas with uturns at all being able to do them in about 4 meters and stops are fine as are the swerves. The P's practice test was setup to be a bit more difficult than the real test

    I'm fairly confident with my ability and Elaine said i'm more than ready...I've booked in for my P's at Loftus on the 17th of this month

    I'm wanting to get my P's before the end of the month as I go overseas for 3months and my L's will run out if I dont get them ebfore I go.

    Im sitting the test and riding a GN250 which is really easy to ride and very user friendly

    What do you think? doing it all too fast or?

  2. Doing the P's test to fast? No?
  3. Question was directed at you guys :) Just wondering if im prepared enough - I guess its hard for you to judge. I know theres more to riding then just the P's skills but given I have been able to complete them with confidence/success is that enough to justify myself as a P rider..
  4. I got my P's within 3 months and 1 day, without any past road or motorcycle Experiance, also without any courses so if you've done some courses and got practise/some km under your belt you should be fine But it all comes down to how you think you handle a bike, like are you stalling do you feel comfortable with moving the bike quickly at low speeds, can you do low speeds, just ask yourself things like that and you'll get your answer.

    No one else can tell you if your ready or not unless they've ridden with you or have seen you ride.