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Hope you dont get stange fright

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by midnight, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. ROFLOL... that's brilliant.
    Where did you find all these???
    (and again... more info?)
  2. Thats hilarious! Why don't they make such things in Australia?
  3. i know in brissy there is a male toliet in a pub, with a one way mirror, which is what you piss up against..... as the dinner/bar area of this pub faces right opposite this area, you should see the stage fright in some people..... nice view from there though
  4. If you are ever in Sydney, and get an invite to the American Club in Macquarie Street, you will see the men's toilet with the best view in the world, although it's not the same as Midnight's version, hilarious!!
  5. You sure you weren't just standing outside the window? :LOL:
  6. Its at the Sofitel hotel in Queenstown NZ.

    The original was sent to me by a mate who took the photo. He sent it out to a few people, and I've passed it on in a couple of directions and now it turns up here.

    I have the High-res 924k version if anyone wants it.
  7. well i hope it was one way mirror..... or the people eating there meal only a meter or so infront of the window would of got a front row view :LOL:
  8. Hmmm, now as far as I know, one way mirrors rely (in part) on having high light levels on one side and low light levels on the other. I wonder what effect a camera flash would have?
  9. not quite sure, damn i wish i could remember the name of the pub, surely we have some brissy memebers that go there, it's over on the rive, just near auchenflower (i think thats the area) it's a bloody famous old pub
  10. The RE (royal exchange hotel) ?

    The Regatta ( which is across the road from the river) ?
  11. regatta, thats it
  12. Which pub in Brissy????
  13. There is (or used to be) a nightclub in Barcelona (Spain), where the people in the queueing up area could view the "goods" on display while waiting to get in. The men's urinal faced onto the queueing area and was see-through glass from the waist down! Apparently the women (and happy boys) worked out that they just needed to rmember which shoes went with which package :shock:
  14. The regatta (or was know as the boat shed), it's all coming back now... still can't remember the name of the street it's on, but it's on the main drag along the river as you head out to the uni. dammit you would think 2 years living there and i would remember the road name.... :x
  15. Coronation Drive :D . You use to have to turn left at the regatta to get to the city , but last time i went up you drive straight past now .