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Hope-to-be New rider [MELB]

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by HunkyDory, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Hopefully, I can finally call myself a rider. :D

    I have a 2-day H.A.R.T. basic rider course + test in 2 weeks.

    Will hopefully be riding daily but also can't wait to do social rides.

    In the south-East melbourne area so hope to see a lot of your around!

    Already have a Ninja 250r lined up for first bike.

    Thanks guys. :)

  2. Welcome & good luck with the course, HART are good.

    You should be fine.

    When I did mine there were 20 people (2 groups of 10). 4 never got it on the day, one a scooter rider - he was very nervous on the day - so relax, another an over confident teenager who peeved me off during the course by thinking it was a race track - so take it easy, and the other 2 were in the other group so not sure.

    My daughter & I both got ours on the day so it can't be that hard!!
  3. Welcome to NR and to riding, good time to learn, if you get used to the wet stuff first, you'll find when the weather clears you'll have more fun.
    Come to sat morn prac sessions when you can..
  4. Hi HunkyDory and welcome to NR
  5. Hopefully not! :D Haha, never riden a motorbike, pretty confident with my mountain bike though, however I was able to flip a quad bike in Bali 3 months ago and it tore my legs up after landing on me. :\

    I'll try and relax, nerves will be the biggest player on the day I believe. :(

    I am planning on coming down next week actually, just to check it out, meet some of you blokes. :)

    Thanks mate!
  6. There is GALS as well Hunky(y)
  7. Welcome to NR, HunkyDory. The Ninja is a fantastic little bike - great choice! :D
  8. There are??? That does it. I am coming next week!
  9. GreryBM who are you kidding. :rofl:

    Everyone knows you have a way with the ladies, they just hang on your every word, you've taught many a thing or 2, they have cute nicknames for you, the list goes on..........

  10. Hope that isn't short for GeriatricBM

    Like not to run over top boxes in the meddle of the road.
  11. Well if the cap fits....Geriatric has a nice ring to it.

    I didn't run over the top box, with the flags on it, couldn't help but see it. I picked it up, and took it all the way home.
  12. See... that's because I taught you not to run over it.
  13. Welcome to NR. (y)