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hoots maan

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pragnasty, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. :D hurrah 4 me . my car engine just blew up so im am going to purchase a new crotch rocket. havent touched a bike for a year, my last bike was a honda V25 custom. sick of scraping the foot pegs on the springbrook tarmac. hoping to get my opens and looking for obviosly something a leeetle more powerful, but also more reliable and obviosly sportier, and im looking for a commuter as well. ive herd of sukis gsx750? any suggestions from riders? im light in frame but ive got pudding for brain. :roll: :LOL:

  2. G'day Pragnasty

    A light framed pudding brain should fit in well here!! :D

    Dunno much about the gsx, but no doubt you'll get some comments from this lot!

  3. :eek: hmm tell me more bout these "accross" then. my v25 limited me to hills with less than a 10dg slope otherwise a 50% power loss. speak kind sir and tell me of the wonders of your accross. im looking for reliable, easy to ride, but also cheap to maintain. And im looking for a new bike as well
    . :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Avoid the Across grasshopper. Many have fallen to it's outside appearance, only to fill the boot with petrol. Donkey dick should care for his owners manual by buying a bike that keeps it under the seat and the fuel in the fuel tank. Further, Confucious does say, anyone who buy Across, leave oneself open to riddicule, torment and generally being shitcanned fo no apparent reason. Confucious also regularly add "GO HONDA MICK DOOHAN ROCKS". But then he is a hoon.
  5. The Across is a good bike, however, its only a 250 and for an experienced rider may be on the small side capacity wise.
    The other issue you may have is that the across is no longer produced as a new bike. From memory, the latest model that you can get is the '98.

  6. ...well I'm kinda new here - and I've seen alot of the Across bashing that goes on.

    Some of it seems in jest - which is OK I guess, and some of it even seems fairly serious. :roll:

    I really can't figure out why it's so prevalent. I can only figure that some people dislike the quirky boot space where the fuel tank normally goes. Maybe some are jealous?

    The funny thing is I'll wager that many of the knockers haven't even ridden an Across let alone owned one.

    I've been around bikes and riding for many years, and have had five bikes myself - from a GSX250 through a few 900's and my current bike, a GSX750F.

    My wife recently got her licence and has started riding as well, and we bought her an Across.

    I love it (and so does she :D )

    Sure, it's an inline four 250 - so it doesn't go like litre class machines, and there are other 250's around which may be quicker. But for it's class it's no slouch. I can think of quite a few 250's that would be outclassed and outperformed by an Across.

    I love getting on the Across and going for a high revving fang through the back roads near my place nearly as much as I love touring on my bigger bikes.

    There's something really fun about an inline four 250 singing at near 16,500 RPM through our backroads :)

    The Across has great looks, a comfortable riding position, a reliable - good performing motor, and is pretty easy to maintain.

    As far as the "boot" where the fuel tank should be, well - I guess it has it's good and bad points.

    The bad point is that as a result the fuel tank is somewhat smaller than usual - 12L which gives a limited touring range. Somewhere in the vicinity of 200+/- KMs before your looking for fuel.

    The tank being under the seat lowers the centre of gravity which is a good thing, and overall I find the Across to be an exceptional handling bike.

    The boot is great if you can get over the limited fuel capacity - it's very handy to carry things around.

    Having mentioned the limited fuel capacity, we recently did a ten day tour of Tassie, whith me on a GPZ900R, two friends on litre class BMW's, and my wife on her Across.

    The range of the Across was not ever an issue ;) And it handled the ten day tour with flying colours. So, whilst many 250's will go further on a tank - it didn't worry us a bit.

    Anyway - if you're interested in an Across, get out there and check a few out more closely, then make up your own mind.