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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jaqhama, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Sleddog informs me there is a Hooters bar opening or already at Rosehill in Sydney's west.

    Sled and I think we've found our new mid monthly meeting point. :LOL:

    The one great thing about riding around the USA is that every big town has a Hooters or a Biker bar.
    Something we are sadly missing in Australia.
    It's not just the girls by the way (although that is a major attraction) it's that the Hooters and Biker bars are obviously somewhere you can stop at knowing there will be other riders there.
    Need some info about something in a new town you pass thru, bike related, find the nearest bike bar.
    Did that a few times, always worked.

    Ah civilisation has finally reached the shores of Oz. :LOL:

  2. Hooters is for sad old men (of any age). 'Biker Bar' is for wannabe rebels.

    The shortage of such places is one of the good things about this country.
  3. I stopped at Hooters in LA Santa Monica Blvde. The girls are nice but after a little while you tend not to notice them, it's not like thier got thier tits out or anything.

    It was nice to go to a bar and just be blokes, llok at girls, watch sports on the plasma, drink beer, talk shit etc etc , well it was fun untill the hockey fans came in, man they are total phsycos!
  4. Hooters was in Sydney previously. 10 years ago they closed up shop.

    As to finding bike related stuff in any town. Simple, just stop and ask (post office is best bet if there is one, pub otherwise). In almost every town there is at least one bike fanatic, which the postie/publican will point you at. And that person is normally happy to tell you about the sweet roads/roads to avoid/dangers/cool stuff in the surrounding area.
  5. Thats true Kaer ,but not as much fun.LOL.
  6. My point mate, why go to a pub when I can to a bike bar where there will be other riders?
  7. Hooters and bike bars are always full of women, in groups and singles, they go there because they know the places are full of blokes.
    Blokes of all ages.
    The only difference between a pub and a bike bar is that the bike bar is a pub that encourages motorcylists.

    I knew there'd be a few puratanical folk at Netrider who would not like the idea of Hooters, no great surprise there. :roll:
    Sydney already has pubs with near naked barmaids, bikini clad barmaids and strip clubs, all places that many riders already visit.
    Some great places on the Gold Coast also.

    Many women on Sydney and Gold Coast beaches sunbathe topless too did you know?
    Shocking, just shocking. :LOL:
  8. Now back on subject for Sydney NR's...

    Me and Sledddog will be visiting Hooters at Rosehill very shortly, if you want to come with us put your name down.
    We'll work out a date in the next week or so.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  9. Hooters is alright, when i was studying in the USA the last two semesters two of the girls in my dorm ended up working there. Better than the local strip club i guess.
  10. It's looking better all the time mate. :LOL:
    Cheers for the link.

    I took note that Mr and Mrs average citizen who have already patronised the one at Rose Hill had nothing but good things to say about it, even those who took their kids.

    Sleaze is only in the minds of people who are sleazy to begin with.
  11. Sydney riders: Jaq and Sled lunch ride in near future

    The place I'm talking about is synonomous with bikes and riders in the USA. It was posted outside of general discussion because some others obviously disagree. And it was only posted at all because Vic is an open-minded chap. (Thanks Vic.)
    If any Sydney NR's want to join Sled and myself, feel free, If you don't like the idea of the place or don't want to go, then don't bother posting at all.
    Cheers: Jaq.
    PS: Lin is happy to go, she's not puratanical or to the far-right of self righteous.
    When we know if anyone's coming with us I'll post it up in ride events.

    Answer it here in the off topic thread, I don't want to upset anyone sensitive.
  12. Can we order jugs of beer at this place ?
    Are there racks where we can hang our motorbike jackets ?
    Is breast fillet chicken on the menu ?
    How about some pointers Kev, give us a clue what this place is !!! :rofl:

    I'll be there ! :grin:
  13. Some people probably think we're only going there to look at shelias dressed in semi-revealing clothes. :roll:
  14. Mickyb wrote: Can we order jugs of beer at this place ?
    Are there racks where we can hang our motorbike jackets ?
    Is breast fillet chicken on the menu?

    All of the above mate, I'm sure.

    The food in the ones in the States was bloody good.
    From a report I read by another poster with a link the food at this one is quite good also.

    Sled and I will set a date for somewhen in the next couple of weeks, we need to get our shifts worked out.
  15. Hey jaq,

    As mentioned yesterday. Count me in.... Beer, Girls, Talking $hit and sport...... What bloke would not go to one of these meetings?

    Can anyone come to this little shindig, I have a few mates that would be keen for this.

  16. Dragon...I'll be honest mate, I generally prefer the company of riders only.
    I've also noticed that guys who do not ride pay a lot of attention to girls who do, and can also be a pain in the arse from the female riders point of view.
    I also find that eventually someone who does not ride starts telling everyone a horror story about someone they know or heard of who had an awful accident on the bike etc etc.
    I can do without it.
    However Hooters is a public place, so that obviously means that any of your mates can go there whenever they want.
    This invite is specifically for Netriders.
  17. mmmm...best bbq ribs i have ever had, and the curly fries yummy yummy!!! :dance:

    why can't there be a hotters in melbourne
  18. I don't think the Victorian Government wants anyone having a good time in your State mate.
    Some of your road rules and rego stuff seems positively draconian.