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"Hooters on Scooters"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blue..., Oct 24, 2007.

  1. or was it Team Netrider? :wink:

    Hi, i was just wondering if team netrider entered the girls team again this year... if so how did you guys go?

    if not, why not? :?

    Forgive my ignorance if it’s posted elsewhere on the forum as I'm only new here… so go easy on me ;)
  2. No Le Minz 24 hr scooter race was held in melbourne this year :(

    I quizzed Mark(organiser) why when i saw him at the expo the other week, his response was.....
    "I have moved to the gold coast now, it's too cold for the scooter race down here, it will be on the Gold Coast from now on"
  3. aaah thanks caz, that’s pretty weak considering we have the moto GP down here in vic and all…. I guess I’ll have to get my fix of hooters on scooters else where.. wink wink ;)
  4. Negative.

    If it's too cold for Peto then It ain't too cold for Caz & Vic

    Lets run our own Caz. We can do it ;)

    I'll get soem help with sponsorhip from Peto. I'll see him next week so will chat to him about it :)
  5. Sounds good to me :grin:

    One question though........
    can I still compete??? :twisted:
  6. Can I compete?
  7. If you can get a scooter manufacturer/distributor to enter a scooter on your/your teams behalf :grin:

    Hmmmm, didn't you tell me the other night you don't like scooters :wink: