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Hooray! The ZX-14 is now mine, now for some help finding a f

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by redviffer, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, just picked up my new Blue ZX-14 today with Staintune pipes, sounds terrific and very happy. I have a Garmin Zumo 550 that i used to have mounted on my previous bike using a RAM mount that came with it.

    It used to mount onto the handlebars and sit fairly central however with the new bike the handlebars are much chunkier and too far back to mount the GPS in a central forward position up near the speedo and dials.

    I'd like to find a RAM mount or ball mount for the GPS cradle that fits somewhere in the middle of the bars ie the hole at the top of the crown or fork area.

    Does anyone have a similar setup or know of a link to a product that sounds similar to what i'm talking about?

  2. gratz on the new bike. =]
  3. Can anyone recommmend a good tank bag for ZX-14?

    Thinking of getting one of those tank bags that clips onto a leather tank protector but don't like the idea of having the leather tank protector left on as i think they look really ugly. I say this because i'm thinking one of those leather tank protectors would be a pain to put on and off when i'm not going to need the tank bag and would only put it on for the occasional really long road trip.

    I'd also have a Ventura rack or Givi hard plastic side panniers and all of this stuff would strictly be bolted on for touring a couple of times a year and left in storage for the rest of the year as i prefer the natural look of the bike clean and also because i've never really needed luggage carrying for weekend riding and commuting. The tank bag is more for leaning against on the long rides and also displaying maps, notes and so on.

    Also the reason i have automaticaly discarded the magnetic bag idea is that the ZX-14 has a plastic cover/shrould that comes half way up the fuel tank which would probably not leave enough surface area for the magnet in a conventional tank bag to grip onto.

    Any ideas guys?
  4. Hey fellow 14 rider.. :grin:

    Mate i am sure that there are some tank bags that do work. You know at the very front of the cover theres the bolt ? Well i am sure guys attach it to that and then to the sides somehow. Go check out the forums in the states zx14.net or zx14ninja.com, and you will find what i am talking about...
    Heres a link for you.. You may have to join up to look, but you will get some great zx14 info from here..


    So how is the bike mate ??
  5. Hi mate,

    The ZX-14 is simply an incredible machine. You can just see and feel the refinement, power, smoothness and work that has gone into making this amazing bike.

    Nobody told me when i asked so i don't mind being the first to admit it, its definetely nowhere near as comfortable on a long ride as a VFR800 is. Having said that though try and overtake a bunch of cars on the highway with a passenger and luggage on a VFR and you will need plenty of time, not the case on a ZX-14.

    I took it up a mountain stretch near me with a mate on the back. The bike just climbed and climbed and climbed through the turns and didn't want to slow down, it just got faster and faster without ever going over 4 grand on the rev range and that was not exactly at low speeds either. At the end of the day no matter how laden down you make it, there is just so much power in reserve it'll never feel sluggish in any conditions.

    I also took it to some of my favourite tight twisties to see how it handled when going through stuff with 45km/h advisory signs. I was expecting it to be harder work to throw through a set of tight turns but it just wasn't the case, it really felt no bigger or heavier than my VFR800 which is amazing considering there is a whole 600cc difference between them. Thats almost another bike thrown on the weight but yet on paper the dry weight of the two bikes is only about 2kg difference.

    I read a revue that said the test rider/reviewer lost the back end three times coming out of turns. I have no idea how he did this or how he was riding because i was pushing it through some very tight stuff on not the best of road surfaces, powering out of turns to get up to ludicrous speeds, go hard on the brakes, turn and do it all over again. Not once did it feel sketchy or close to slipping out on me, maybe i was lucky i don't know but he must have been revving the guts out of it to do that and when 1st will take you over 100km/h i have no idea why you would need to rev the guts out of a bike like this anyway.

    I have clocked up 1000km and took it to get it first service. Soon i will buy a double bubble screen, a set of Heli riser bars and a Ventura rack or some Givi hard luggage for it so i can go on some really long tours when i want to. I love the bike and it simply is amazing on every level, I'd recommend it to anyone as I would have with my now ex bike the VFR. I think they are on a pretty similar level of refinement and quality but one has power to boot and one is super comfy. I started with comfy and now i have switched to power to boot, a few more bits and peices and i should be able to make it similar in comfort. At the end of the day though riding has to be fun and the grin you get from riding a ZX-14 for any length of time goes from ear to ear!!
  6. I have a Zumo 550 on my Multistrada. I used a custom mount from a Multistrada enthusiast who has a machining business, in the USA. See http://shop.motonamics.com/displayProductDocument.hg?productId=9&categoryId=1

    I don't think Eddie (Motonamics) makes them for other bikes, but you might find something similar through ZX14 forums. I found mine through www.multistrada.net

    I like this mount much better than the RAM mounts that came with the Zumo. It looks like the Zumo was made to fit on my bike. :grin:

    Before and after pictures.

    Before installing the Zumo:

    With the Zumo installed
  7. Told you would love it.. :twisted:

    And i know what you mean with a pillion on it, when i take the wife it doesnt even feel like she is there.. They have some incredible torque.. :grin: