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Hooray for Suncorp Insurance!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wixy, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Noone at all would insure my nsr250 third party for cheaply, if at all. Western QBE wanted over $800! Racv wanted $130 but wouldnt insure me cause i was a learner!

    Then along came Suncorp. Within the past two weeks they changed their policy to allow for people in other states to insure 3rd party fire and theft. So now I got fire and theft insurance for $330! Total excess is $650 which is much cheaper than racvs which is like $900.

    People in other states than QLD, if you need fire and theft go for Suncorp!!!

  2. Rubbish. Learners can insure no probs at all; & ya excess is $850

    If you were told otherwise, you were told garbage :?
  3. Not rubbish, my bike (90 model) was not in their database, they had to contact some other guys or something, came back, asked if i was a learner, said that bike they would not insure.
  4. mines an 88 .................. i insured full comp agreed value and it cost less then $ 300.00
    i would b getting a few more quotes if i was you ..... hope u havent paid already by card ... if not try a few more ...... their all theiving pri**s but some better than others
  5. The reason they wouldnt insure is that you have a bike we dont
    . Customer Relations &/or Underwriters (other guys contacted)
    may have changed that position if you were an older person
    & fully licensed (lower risk).

    So to say you were not offered insurance for the sole reason you are a
    learner is misleading & not corect.

    If, for example you had a ZZR250, you wouldve had no probs, learner
    or not, bc that is a mainstream bike we cover.

    In your case, its the bike that was the main problem. Having only a
    learners was just icing that meant we couldnt cover you.
  6. Maybe Wixy's problem is age. Let us know how old you are, dude. If you're under 21 or so it might be half your problem.
  7. 23 years old
  8. I just tried Suncorp and they quoted me $500 more than Swann have quoted me....

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  9. I thought 25 and under was the base age ?. Or are there different policies for under 21's and another for under 25's?
  10. in regards to excess' payable in a claim (with RACV), its $850 if
    under 25 for car, $800 for motocycle

    25 & over, $450 for veh, $400 for bikes
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Pretty much......