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Hooray for bystanders, boo for asshat BMW drivers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by lockie, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. My money is on the guy in the suit as the driver.

    According to reports, the bmw pulled out in front of him, and the rider laid his bike down to avoid a collision; instead, the bike and rider slid underneath the BMW's nose; the impact severed the motorcycle's gas line, setting it and the BMW on fire. The rider ended up with a few broken bones, cuts and burns

    Always good to see people like this out there!

  2. Wow.................damn BMW drivers
  3. Interesting to see the natural 'fight or flee' traits here: the chick who sees the rider, gets in and helps lift deserves a lot of credit. The driver was obviously affected by the accident, but basically a waste of space. The cop was overtaken by self imposed priorities, initially traffic coming up behind, then help lift, then clear everyone from the imminent danger.

    But above all, another classic SMIDSY ](*,)
  4. Could be that the chick had that motherly maternal instinct kick in, the cop had that fatherly trying to organise everyone, and the BMW driver as your typical BMW driver thinking why anyone isnt tending to him him him.......................
  5. That's one of my worst nightmares, getting stuck under a burning car, thank goodness there were enough people around to get the car off him.

    Slightly longer video on News.com.au - http://video.news.com.au/2128314148
  6. Blooming SMIDSY: and when the driver leans on his car while it is burning with the rider trapped underneath..!!!! He is definitely a candidate for a Good Slap.

    In The Age clip I am surprised at the lack of response to the rider once he is dragged from the car: not even basic First Aid check for vital signs, etc. If he had needed CPR it could have turned out even worse :(
  7. Love how much the guy in the suit wanted to help. Asshole.
  8. First aid priorities...

    DRSABCD: Danger, response, send for help, Airway, Breathing, Cardio, Defrib.

    Always secure the site from danger above anything else. The difference could be one hurt guy or one hurt guy and 15 bystanders. Doesn't matter that there are multiple people standing around, they're trained to follow the steps, no matter what.
  9. Yup: we've got D, R & S, the cas is away from the danger..... so where is A, B and C? Surely the cop would be trained in that and able to delegate traffic control to one of the (obviously capable) bystanders.
  10. First thing you're taught is in under no circumstances are you to put yourself in danger. You have a car and a bike, both full of petrol, burning 3 metres away. Danger still exists.

    The cops would also have instructed all bystanders to get far, far away. They aren't going to assume that street randoms know first aid, let alone let them do it 3m from a burning car.

    Fark, I have advanced first aid training and I wouldn't risk it. As to moving him, you have to assume that he has breakages, so you wouldn't want to move him further than he is because you don't want to exacerbate any possible spinal injuries, which are very common in MC accidents.

    The SMH article also mentions that he showed signs of life, coughing, etc, so the danger is the priority. Coughing = airways/breathing.
  11. I hope he didn't REALLY lay it down to avoid a collision, that's just ridiculous
  12. Yeah, I was wondering why they just left him splayed in the middle of the road still very close the burning vehicles (looks like the smoke drifts over him at one point)! I guess the herding instinct kicked in?

    Seriously, everyone should have to do a First Aid course with their licence so they know how to respond to an accident.
  13. Definitely! It’s something that may never get used, but such a valuable asset in an accident situation for bugger all cost
  14. You should read the Telegraphs take on this. Basically the bike rider slid under the car and the driver helped get the guy out.

    [edit] They now appear to have woken up to themselves and edited the article.
  15. I've used mine twice now. Well worth the cost. Quite a few workplaces will pay for it too, if you volunteer to be a first aider for the company.
  16. Guy is very lucky considering he was not wearing a helmet or what seems to be any other protective gear.
  17. I appreciate the advice on First Aid: but I am also just a little bit qualified ;) I would be more than concerned to see a cas left lying on his back with a strong possibility of choking on his tongue, regardless of a fire "3 metres away". There wasn't even an attempt to assess Airway/breathing by the policeman, regardless of what some newspaper article says. You can see it in the video.

    I guess that it comes back to the underlying flee or fight hard wired into us all: there is no way I'd stand back and watch a cas lying there unattended, regardless of the guidelines that we are taught. They are just that: guidelines.

    In the defence of what appears in the video clip, I suppose I/we should remember it is in the USA, where litigation sometimes outweighs common sense/compassion?
  18. One hears it said often enough, but I don't believe anybody's ever really done it. The very notion is plain oxymoronic.
  19. Yanks are the best riders in the world. They never crash, they lay their bikes down to avoid crashing. Serious.

    Imagine if he had been wearing a helmet and slid under the car. Interesting thought/situation.
  20. [​IMG]
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