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Hooray: crash = post

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Although there are a few threads about it, I am starting to see the regular "Stop crashing your bloody bikes!!1!eleventy!!!" posts that accompany these threads about offs/stacks.
    Although an element of negativity is implied, for everyone who's made a thread; I'm pretty sure the request is to not crash rather than not posting about it after the fact :)

    Please do not be ashamed to share a story.

    As a rider who has been on 2 powered wheels less than a year, I know I have learnt a LOT about bikes, road conditions and defensive riding from your posts.
    Thank you for your stories.
    At the very least they are entertaining, at the most I remember things which I otherwise doubt I would give as much consideration to had I not heard about another rider's misfortune. - like watching for spilt liquids on the road, staying away from the parts of corners were the cars sweep all the gravel, etc.

    A testament to you as motorists in every off-thread I've seen is that the rider can explain exactly what went wrong.
    Haven't seen a single, useless "Bike asploded! Wut happened lol?", and that's tops.

    Cheers for sharing.

    Ride safe/fun.

  2. +1, absolutely
  3. Here here, well said.
  4. :LOL: love it. But yeah good point mate, I certainly find them useful.

    Heh... bike asploded... heh...
  5. ++1 definitely. :applause: :applause: :applause:
  6. Yup, I agree 100%.
    Now I've just got to make sure I don't ever have to add a story to the list.
  7. They do make you feel much better too when you hear someone who has alot more experience then you dropped it at the lights in front of like a bizillion people.

    Then you relax cause you know its not just you who looked like the dickhead who can't ride
  8. Maybe we could add a few ficticious crashes just to keep things interesting and rolling along? :---)
  9. Im better for stacking my bike. Now I know Sportsmax tyres aren not offroads.

    Bust my collarbone, got some titianium upgrades.
    I learned about controlling my bike off these forums and it helped me have a pathetic crash than a really badly handled smash.

    I have always learned ALOT about my bike and the way I ride it from helpful posts here.
  10. heh, riding for 11 years and i found how to get neutral (on my particular bike) from this forum. every day is a school day and thankfully the knob'eds are few and far between around here.
  11. If it's got something to do with my post in this thread.

    I said fcuking, not bloody. :cool:

    By all means if anyone falls off and has a lesson to share, I'm all for learning it. I just get a little bit sick of my friends falling off their bikes and hurting themselves. It's selfish but when you see someone you know in a rider down post, it becomes stressful. If it happens a lot it becomes very stressful. I've been to more motor vehical related funerals in the last 10 years than a lot of people see in their lifetime and I don't want to go to any more. :(

    I want the post to happen cause the lesson might save a friend's life but ultimately I wish the people I care about would stop making mistakes. I know I've been deliberately pushing my limits in the last few days (trying to corner that bit faster) and had some close calls. I think sometimes myself and the rest of us just need to pull our heads in a bit, that's all. When I scold everyone like that, I include myself in the audience. :)

    But yes, you are correct, when someone falls, please post about it. Firstly because I want to know and make sure you're OK, and secondly because it might stop someone else from doing the same thing. :)
  12. I think, from reading crash threads, that the biggest factor in many offs is road conditions, ie gravel and diesel. The other is simply too fast for a corner/ lack of leaning the bike.
    Can't do much about diesel, but gravel, well, try to stay off the shoulders/edges of roads I suppose and learn to recognise it.
    As for corners, don't go hotter than you think you should, and practice getting the bike leaned waaaay over in an emergency. As has been said before, modern tyres will grip harder than most riders wil let them. I learnt that on the old Z. Even Chinese tyres wil do an excellent job!
    The bike community is very similar to the aviation community in that we like to read about accidents and try to find something useful in teh information that will save us later.
    In that respect, I also think moptorcycle accidents are a combination of a chain of small mistakes, much like aviation.
    If you can catch one or two of these mistakes beforehand, you probably will avoid the accident.
    It might just be low tyre pressure or a tyre you shouldn't be riding on anymore, or it could be feeling a bit toey on that particular day, or a brake that has been grabbing and you haven't had it seen to yet. It could also be the group ride/ must keep up mentality. Let the group go if it's too fast for you, you'll only be 5 mins late if that at the end of the ride! Could also be unfamiliar bike/ bike just out of major service or new tyres.
    I'm not saying don't ride unless the bike/you is perfect, just allow for it and drop the performance back a bit. Time on the bike is fun, no matter what the speed.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Yep - and leaving some margin for error... so that if there happens to be a bit of gravel or water in the corner, as far as possible you have time/space to stand it up a little more through that then dump it back in tighter. Of course that's not always gonna work/be possible (goanna wtf? ;)) but if you're already right on the edge when you encounter the unexpected...