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Hooray - another new (to me) bike thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RED ZX, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Well here we go.

    My Speed Triple Story:

    I Have bought myself a newer bike. Thinking it would be trouble free and more or less a jump on and ride affair.Well last Friday was the day, the bike had its new fork seals, and new front tyre, was in my name, and I was ready to take it away for a month of riding and getting used to it on my holidays.

    Well, Day 2 of ownership it left me stranded about 250km from home, with a flat battery.

    Got it home, put battery on charge, came to the conclusion that my battery is dead as it would not take a charge. Monday came around and I ventured out and bought myself a new battery, followed all the procedures and did everything to the letter.
    To be on the safe side, I checked the voltage with my trusty multimeter while the bike was running, and low and behold, it was not charging.

    On the net and about 10 hours of research later I find it is a common problem on these bikes to kill the reg/rec and stator.

    A quick call to the dealership that I bought from and I am booked in to take it in tomorrow. Now I am wondering what I will get as a loaner bike while mine is off the road (part of my warranty).

    So in a week or so (stator will take a while) I will have my wonderful speedy back.

    Apart from that, it is a great bike, nice linear power, Awesome sound, would not trade that sound for anything. Light and has good brakes.

    Now for a quick couple pics (from my phone, forgive the quality):


  2. Congrats on your new bike. I think Kawasakis are great. They're my favourite brand at the moment.
  3. hmm, me thinks your confusing my other bike that I have listed under my name, with the Triumph Speed Triple I have posted here...
  4. Kill switch is def on?

    Hehe. Had a friend once have a prob starting her bike...til we asked her to check her fuel tap. :)

    Hope it is fixed quickly and cheaply for you.
  5. Hmmmm :-k . Wonder if they and Honda share the same reg/recs :facepalm: ?

    Bummer all the same. Hope she's up and running on all 4.....er.....3 cylinders soon :wink: .

    She looks pretty shmick in those pics :cool: .

    So do you still have the ZX-10?
  6. :oops: Yeah I simply assumed you were posting pics of your ZX-10. Did you get tired of the ZX?
  7. Congrats on the new bike!
    Bummer having to go without it a while ..
  8. Yeah I still have the ZX10, it is being put back to touring/backup duties.

    I went for the Triumph because I have always liked them, and I was after something lighter and something that would keep my speed on the highway under control. I head home from work at 10pm and was finding myself speeding too much as you just don't notice it on a full faired bike.

    It is a great bike, fun to ride and looks great in my eye.

    At least I am not bike-less while all this is being fixed, I still have my ZX, but I also am riding around on a 2005 900 Hornet as a loaner bike from the dealership.
  9. Nice buy, I love triumphs, almost wish i bought one instead of the storm.

    Sorry to hear about the problem, that would be so frustrating on a fairly new bike.

    Still a top bike though, the reg/rec is such a common problem and its not exactly easy to pick up when you buy the bike, I doubt many people would bring a multimetre along to an inspection of a bike they're looking to buy! :LOL:

    good luck with it when you get it back, it's a great bike. :grin:
  10. Drop by the shop if you can and have a look at the fuses (under seat). It's not unknown to blow one, and it would be cheaper than a reg.

    Yeah, they have their little niggles, but you'll love it :)
  11. wtf is a speed triple??looks nice


    I should l2google...and updated for the grammar police. :LOL:
  12. Yeah I already checked through all the fuses. They are all fine.
    Checked all the ground points and connections from stator to battery too.

    BTW Dupster: there is only one 'p' in Triple.
  13. dude....just dont let this one catch on fire.

    super cool bike though. fighter out of the box

  14. HAHAHA yeah, bikes catching on fire while your riding them is NOT fun...