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Hoons, video cameras, YouTube & ACA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pvda, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Caught the tail end of an A Current Affair promo last night and looks like they are going to do an "Expose" on hoons posting their efforts on site like YouTube.

    They used the standard burnout footage as well as some bike mounted footage showing the speedo in the promo so expect the usual beat up.

    I in no way condone excessive riding or driving on PUBLIC roads, after all that's what we have race tracks for, but posted this to give you all a heads up.

    Be careful what you post on the net.

  2. i wouldnt worry too much about any of this. This is just one of the 20 odd stories that make up the entire database of stories those "current affairs" shows use. Every few months they've shown all their stories so they just run them again, and again and again.
  3. There'll be some Ghost Rider footage... maybe some 'Getaway in Stockholm' blah blah blah. Seems to be the standard story when they haven't got a 'ripping off old people' 'spreading germs' or a new 'diet' story.
  4. I no way condone watching A Current Affair :wink:

    Like the "low season" for television stations, "current affairs" shows do not come up with any new material over summer.
  5. It was a pretty crappy report....nows there's a suprise :roll: .

    The comment that got me was from a "social commintator" :roll: :roll: :roll: that I have never heard about before saying it was all bout these guys getting their 15 minutes of fame....it seemed to me that this was exactly what she was doing :LOL:
  6. I saw it, and said the exact same thing to my wife. The way she had make-up trowelled all over her, (nothing wrong with a bit of make-up, but this was WAY overdone) it was pretty clear that she was trying to make a statement.

  7. The smartest post all day!
  8. G'day everyone,.....

    I Second that motion!!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?

  9. Third Vote here
  10. If you'd like to see the exact sort of retards they are talking about, check this site out that i got sent the other day (warning you may lose brain cells while visiting this site!):

    Seriously... the gene pool needs a double dose of chlorine with morons like that in the world.
  11. #11 Gazza157, Jan 12, 2007
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    ahh People who deserve to lose their license.

    I wonder how long it will take for a Cop to get into the site and then bust them :)
  12. Yeah i drove through there on Wed and commented on the amount of rubber there... then got that site in email that arvo! Cops are usually on to these sites anyway... they know about and browse all the big/ trouble making sites.
  13. Absolutely! I was sure that other people noticed this too. Slow news weeks usually bring out the old, reliable rating stories like hoons and (my personal favourite) pro's and con's of breast augmentations. :wink:
  14. This subject was discussed at length on another forum(Sydney forum that seems to specialise in promoting speeding and public road stunting, hence my not being there anymore). They were advertising Ghostrider runs and the like as well as their regular meets where they always disregard any form of road rule. I only ever did one ride with them and 5 minutes into it I realised they weren't for me. Someone warned them that the Police monitor their website and sure enough, on a few of their weeknight ride-outs, the Police were ready and waiting with Rego checks, RBT's, speed traps, the lot. Didn't stop them from doing what they do, getting booked, and one idiot making a run for it and getting arrested.
  15. Just heard on the news that the Police arrested 5 people for hooning at Noble Park last night. I guess that is why the site is empty. Good work.
  16. Our beloved internet has provided us all with opportunities for our 15 minutes for fame, I guess. It's interesting, however, that burglars and drug dealers don't feel the need to take a camera along and imortalise their exploits. That activity seems to be limited to alcohol, drug and/or stupidity-fueled young men in cars and on bikes.....
  17. Police clash with Melbourne hoons
    January 13, 2007 - 11:54AM

    Rocks and bottles were hurled at police and taxis when a crowd of about 1,000 watching cars doing burnouts and driving erratically turned ugly in Melbourne's south-east.

    Extra police and the dog squad were called to Noble Park in Melbourne's south-east after a rowdy mob watching an illegal hoon show became aggressive. Rocks and bottles were thrown at police and taxis, and property damaged.

    Police were called to the area about 1am AEDT after a large crowd of people, some with children in prams, gathered at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Elonera Road watching a number of vehicles driving erratically and doing burnouts.

    The area was cordoned off and police called for reinforcements as sections of the crowd became aggressive when officers moved to seize vehicles under Victoria's new hoon legislation. At times police made several sorties to troublespots in the crowd. Bottles were thrown at taxis, traffic signals vandalised and several stores damaged in the fray.

    Five cars were seized and five people arrested. No one was injured.

    from: Sydney Morning Herald

  18. Children in prams? Pharck!! Next generation, start 'em young eh :roll:

    How dare these mono brain-cell buffoons steal our oxygen.
  19. If they have to take them anywhere, take 'em to Calder and show them proper drags. Wonder if they needed (if they did) to see the fallout when the cops came, windows being broken etc :shock: