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VIC "Hooning" is now a gateway crime!?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TheRuss, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Overland's cultural revolution to calm public's safety fears

    Highlighted in bold where it counts.....
    So if any of you have ever one 104km/h on the freeway and now suddenly feel like going into town to king hit randoms - Don't worry it all part of the natural progression you are making towards becoming a hard criminal.

    FFS... I like the main story in the article that the cops are going to focus more on REAL anti-social things - but they just had to slip 'hooning' in there too.

    The biggest problem is that I don't think we even know what 'hooning' is anymore - Am I allowed to sneeze on the road without the risk of having my vehicle impounded? Hopefully that statement was only meant to apply to the likes of those dropping lines or doughies in residential streets (etc).

  2. Never realised I was supposed to be looting and pillaging, guess I'll have to try and find time in my schedule to fit some in.

    I'd hate to be responsible for proving that Mr. Overland is full of shit ;).
  3. I think "hoonish behavior" is a blanket term being thrown around a bit too much these days
  4. Typical Ken Lay totally misunderstanding so called research.

  5. Oh good they've finally come out and said it - why are they still focusing on it then?
  6. hehe. They've caught themselves out that time. good spotting.
  7. You need to do some more studies Wonderland, you've only got it half right.
  8. the main criticism the dept has to face nowadays is that their resources focus mainly on speeding or the loosely defined hooning, at the expense of fighting real crimes of theft and violence.
    hence, the poorly prepared propaganda that by catching 'speeders' before they graduate into violent criminals, they are still tackling the rising levels of real crime in Melbourne.

    bit lame really, no-ones buying it. a shame they can't appoint intelligent people to these positions. or at the very least, minders to prevent them from saying dumb shit to the press.
  9. toadcat!! has spotted the failure of the third proof-reader, you can bet the minister never saw this release before it was put out in his name

    I'm about to have some breakfast and go out and commit some minor offences before the day gets too hot :LOL:

    On a serious note, though, it's well accepted that failure to confront minor behaviour emboldens people to commit more serious acts, if you've brought up children you know that it's best to deal with the "I want a"-s at home than in a supermarket aisle.
  10. Are these idiots for real? Chirping the wheels while taking off from the lights is regarded as a Hoon offence nowadays, and they're saying that a person who speeds in the middle of nowhere is gonna go back home at the end of the day and start bashing up people in the streets, and committing burglaries? What a pack of f*cking numpties.

    Getting back to basics eh? Years and years ago, people used to "hoon" around a fair bit. People got caught, they often got off with a warning. Nowadays, it's all f*cking gestapo shit. Getting back to basics therefore means getting back to the point where the public respect the police for doing a meaningful job, which is dealing with real crime and letting joe average off with a warning now and then, rather than turning joe average into a hard-core criminal by throwing the book at him for doing 20kph over on a back-country hwy, and then labelling him a potential thug, ******, murderer, and burglar.

    This smacks of the most idiotic puerile vacuous self-serving propaganda yet public by these f*ckknuckles. It's all about justifying themselves to continue to target revenue raising policing while they ignore the shit that the public really cares about.

    "Listen mate! You're nicked. We got you for spinning your wheels for 0.2secs on a wet road as you took off from the lights back there. You're a hoon and a bloody menace to society. We're taking your license off you for 12 months, and your car off you, and crushing it"

    "Officer, but there's a woman over there getting mugged. Look, right there!"

    "Sorry mate. Too late for him. We're doing the right thing here by stopping you from getting to be like him"

    "But you're removing my ability to get to work, and now I'm gonna have to turn to a life of crime just to survive and feed my kids. You're making me into him!"

    "You got it wrong! We're actually doing society a favor! Now hand over $300, and you can be walking on your way".

    F*cking idiots.

  11. Quoted for truth!
  12. People wont travel on trains at night,
    people wont go into the city at night,

    Where are the police,

    Out chasing speeders doing 2 kays over the limit,

    The police wont chase the people that are violent in the city or on the trains,
    They might get beat up them selves,

    Safer to chase hoons, No threat of violent repercussions,
  13. Shows that there is still a culture in the top ranks of VP that believes that the public are all essentially criminal and that the closer life gets to being like a prison, the better. With THEM in charge.
  14. Nope - this is all 100% Simon Overland. That piece of rampant stupidity is all his own.

    Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay was drawing up strategies to use the flood of fresh recruits to reinvigorate the force

    Ken Lay is now the recruiting person - he must have upset someone to be moved sideways like that...
  15. No surprises really that this sort of thing has become so prevalent. I'm afraid the rot set in when 'policing' became 'enforcement'. A subtle change that went largely unnoticed as the onus shifted from protection of the public from criminals to a general implication that all members of the public need to have laws enforced. Of course the hooning thing is rubbish - many of us have indulged in behaviour that could be construed as 'hooning'. I know many personally. Did we go on to commit theft or acts of violence, no of course not, we generally settled down and became good citizens with responsible jobs with families.

    Careers relating to safety and social order often depend on sweeping and dramatic statements, its the nature of politics. Should we be concerned? Certainly - such things have led to ethnic stereotyping, fascism, invasions and wars. Hang on - that'd be violence and theft then. Hmmmm.
  16. I'm sick of this sh#t. Soon they will tell us jaywalking leads to murder. Victoria and Melbourne in general is becoming a very unlivable place to be....you can't walk down a city street without the threat of violence, and you can pay over a million dollars for a house in the inner suburbs, where at anytime there can be someone shooting up heroin outside your house.
    Then instead of concentrating on the real problems, they crusify you for hooning. I 'hoon' everytime I take out the bike, I have for over 20 years....but I am no criminal.
    We, as the majority, are letting us be ruled by a very small minority, who have no intention of dealing with the real problems....F#ck these idiots!!! Victoria, 'the place to be'....I doubt it.
  17. I'm an old c@#t and nothing in terms of misdirected police enforcement has changed. The VP is so disorganised it couldnt coax a maggot to an off pork chop.