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Hooning cars, how to stop?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dima, Aug 29, 2013.

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    (Mods, please move the thread if it's in the wrong place, seemed like the correct one for me)

    I've had enough of it yesterday. Sent the online report to the Crime Stoppers.

    Now that they smashed my car it became sort of personal.
    How can we stop it?

    The report:

    I probably exaggerated with "being dead" thing. But it doesn't change much.

    The suburb - Mulgrave.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Firstly sorry bout the damage caused, and that it wasn't you on your bike....just a thought if it is happening a lot...one of those cheapie vid cams from aldis...they have a motion sensor mode....so could sit on rear parcel shelf...and it would only come on when something was detected......maybe one for the dash as well...might work

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  3. Thanks. I'm yet to assess the damage on the car. But from the glance in the night it didn't look too bad. This isn't my main concern though.

    That's a great idea. I have the Drift Ghost with the motion sensor which could do the job.
    The problem is that I'll have to wait for another accident to video it. And I'm not too keen leaving the car outside anymore.

    Ambushing them and taking video with license plates could help too.
    But they don't have a "hooning schedule" for better or worse :)

    Not even sure if police is going to do anything about it.
    Someone suggested me to ambush the hoon and beat the car with the bat in his presence, but I'm not going that path as it may end up much worse LOL
  4. I've moved this to The Pub , as the Politics, Law..." forum is for bike-related matters. No offence Dnagir.
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  5. Rent one of these and park it out the front of your house...

  6. I wasn't sure what the right place for it would be. So thanks. All good.
  7. That really sucks mate.

    But I'd ask that you refrain from calling them 'hoons' and saying they were 'hooning'
    I only ask this because VicPol are considering 'lane weaving' by motorcyclists as hooning.

  8. I'm not VicPol. And this is hooning mate. Nothing to do with lane weaving - that's ridiculous comparison.
    I'm obviously a biker myself and it takes a lot for me to call someone a hoon.
  9. Dickheads. Any such behavior should be contained to industrial areas at night with spotters & such,
    (I say this as previously & highly experienced in drifting & racing activities track days for such things have financially & politically been put far too out of reach for the average younger driver. And, boys will be boys)

    I think the only long term solution is to keep your car off the road. I understand the frustration but if you sit out the front with a shotgun every night your gunna get really tired & pissed off when you give up & then hear them come sailing past just as you head inside.
    Setting up a motion cam under your letterbox may help but I doubt at night if an aldi cam will get rego.
    Some WIFI night vision remote cams can be great at night and also have motion sensing. Bit tricky to setup but only about $50 on the famous eBAY.
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  10. You have missed my point. But that's alright, it doesn't matter.

    And, no it's not a ridiculous comparison, not when the people who are likely to take you legal acquired property off you for 'hooning' believe both actions are 'hooning'.
  11. I live 'just around the corner' from you (cnr Blackburn and FTG) and I agree, lots of hooning, lots of noise. You're right about someone getting killed it happened a year or two back near the pub on FTG Rd near Jells Park.
    There's occasionally articles like this too http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/hoon-busted-at-148kmh-in-suburbs/story-e6frf7jo-1226256480759

    The noisiest bastards that wake me up at night though are the high revving bikes! (you bastards!)

    Seriously, unless you get a number plate theres little you can do but call the plod.

    Which leads to, apart from the crimestoppers page, did you report someone hitting your car to the local police? Leaving the scene of an accident is a bit naughty, and your insurance mob might want police report info - or does the crimestoppers thing give you all that?
  12. The road is not a carpark.
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  13. We live in wide open places with off street parking, to a lot of the smog breathers on here the street is indeed their carpark

  14. We can't all have a shed as grand as your's Blabbs...

    C'mon - a little sympathy for the common folk eh?
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  15. I get the feeling Blabbs shed is a bit empty at the moment.
  16. get your council to put in a speed hump on your street.
  17. There's nothing I can report. I didn't see the car, rego etc.
    Police told there's nothing they can do.
    I got one plate number (fishtailed in front of me, pretty sure I heard this car often too) and reported it, but it will be my word against his. So anything I'm reporting is useless.

    I basically have no any evidence for anything. Anarchy goes on and not going to stop.
    Maybe I should take the advice and do some better justice...

    Not a bad idea for local streets. But there're a few bigger arterial roads where it's happening. Can see it as non-practical.
    But I'll talk to council (hope so), we'll see.
  18. if your car is not parked on the bigger arterial roads then what's the issue? it's a shit go your car was damaged, and i can understand you wanting to avoid this happening in the future and stop it happening in your little side street but who gives a shit if they do it on "bigger arterial roads" - that's not really your concern is it? your not the police or the local council..i'm sure the locals hate the sound of your motorbike but tolerate it as apart of life - chill out big fella.
  19. buy a heap of concrete amd make your own speed bumps
    maybe with a bike only gap.
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