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Hoon Riders F3 Newcastle (NSW)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by grange, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Today when travelling south from Beresfield, Newcastle, 4:15pm on the F3 freeway, two bikers passed me (I was in my truck).

    One of them was on "L" plates, and the other appeared to be fully licensed.

    Both of them were doing 100km/h.

    The most stupid thing they were doing, apart from the L plater speeding, was that they were both sitting on the fuel tanks with there legs splayed out from the front of the bike.

    This was when they were passing cars and cars also passing them.

    It's riders like this that make other riders look bad in the eyes of other road users.

    Trying to educate people, with what is talked about in this thread, https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=107233, is useless when this happens on the road.

    And if the two riders are reading this, just remember, if you come off, you will only be a speed bump on the freeway for any truck, let alone cars....
  2. The L-plater 'speeding' to avoid being a mobile chicane is fine, surely, and it sounds like you're unable to mono your R1, let alone perform any other 'stunts' on it - I bet you do 2:45s at the Creek on it, if you ever get to the track.

  3. Yak,

    time and place mate....... Screwing around on a busy freeway is plain dumb. It's dangerous for the rest of us.

    It really bugs me when an L-Plater thinks that because they have covered a few thousand Kays they are competent.

    If he is so good, how about getting a proper licence.
  4. There is no reason L-platers should be restricted to 80km/h. Or P-platers to 90 and 100 for that matter.

    I don't know about riding on the tanks, but as far the 'speeding' goes, he only violated an unjustified law.
  5. yak, great post from a so called "moderator" :jerk:

    regardless of whatever you are talking about, the OP has a very valid point.
    i've sat on the tank in an isolated area at 10 km/h for 5 seconds max, but not at 100k's + overtaking.

    these guys are idiots and unfortunately may learn the hard way this is a huge no no
  6. If you think that the 80km/h limit for L-platers is sensible, and can only ride your bike safely by having both hands on the bars, your feet on the pegs and bum on the seat then maybe we're different kinds of riders. No reason to believe that L-platers are necessarily new riders, either. The time and place comment is valid, or would be valid if they were doing anything dangerous; moving around the bike and stretching a bit doesn't have to be.
  7. This is a disturbing comment coming from a mod.
    This isn't a stunting forum.

    Peronsally, I cannot mono my R1 (only had it for almost 2 months so a bit weary about doing stupid things on public roads, and probably never will do it on purpose because I don't need to to prove my worth that way), and never taken it to a track.

    You sound like you are taking part in a **** measuring competition over how easy it is for you to sit on the tank at 100km/h.

    Last time I checked the seat was for sitting, the same way you don't sit on the dash when driving a car.

    And I do agree on the 80km'h rule. That's just stupid.
  8. You're missing the point - and fair enough, maybe it's hard to see. Just because you're not comfortable doing what other riders do with ease, does not make it unsafe or stupid. I'm slow as a month of Mondays and can't mono for shit, but I'm not going to tell anybody how they're allowed to enjoy their motorcycle.
  9. with or without regard to public image? while it might be "safe", I have no doubt as to whether the average driver will view it as "typical irresponsible motorbike riders". Trying to change people viewpoints as to general rider behaviour on roads is pointless when this type of thing just reaffirms the stereotype.
  10. yak, I think YOU are missing the point, and so, to a lesser extent is Grange.

    It's no argument to say to someone who questions someone else doing a mono, for example, "Oh I suppose it's because you CAN'T?" The ability of Grange, or anyone else, to do 2:45 around Eastern Creek, or around his back yard, has nothing whatsoever to do with him commenting on someone else's questionable riding. The facts as reported is that the L Plate rider was exceeding his legal limit.

    On that road, I must say, as I noted in my "White knuckles on the Oxley" thread, if you DON'T do at least 100, you'l literally get run over, unless you are in a Kenworth truck. Perhaps the riders should have chosen a less 'freeway-orientated' route to wherever they were going.

    And perhaps, grange, they were well into a very long trip and were stretching their muscles as fatigue set in. I doubt this; they were probably just clowning around and egging each other on, but, as Gilbert and Sullivan once said, "Things are seldom what they seem", and it may well have been the case.
  11. Those concerned with public image should probably buy a Prius - or be courteous in traffic, wave good morning to little old ladies and go on charity runs. Well, that's what I do.

    Hornet, I was being a little ironical - but remain firmly of the opinion that what looks dangerous to one rider is a piece of piss and perfectly safe for another. Can you explain what point I'm missing?

    It's my view that the learner rider exceeding their licence speed limit made him or her a safer rider. I don't speed on the road, but did when I was on my Ls and Ps to match the posted limit.
  12. Yakka

    I think the point being made is that with the current TAC bullshit going around on TV that portrays all riders as dangerous tosspots, having a couple of blokes overtaking cars on the freeway sitting on their tanks with their legs splayed in front of the bike is doing nothing to negate that negative image.

    Time and a place dude.
  13. I don't watch a lot of TV, but would guess the TAC ads aren't being played on NSW TV?

    Anyway, will have to agree to disagree - if I'd seen this, I'd probably have thought "hey, super, two riders enjoying their bikes", not "OMG stop having fun or you'll die and get us all banned!". L-plate aside, they were probably (93.2% probability) 10km/h under the speed limit too!
  14. If you are so worried about what others think about you, maybe start driving a Camery helps. I can't understand why we should always be so worry about what others think of us.
    Well if something is out of your comfort zone doesn't mean others can't/shouldn't do it (you think it's dangerous but others have different point of view). Saying that, I wouldn't enjoy riding on the tank but I can't see anything wrong about moving with the speed of traffic.
  15. Why should you make decisions about behavior based on an incorrect public perception? Because there is a popular belief something is incorrect, it should be avoided?

    Whether an action is morally acceptable, should be judged on rational grounds, ignorant prejudice against a communities actions shouldn't influence debate.
  16. What if the taxi driver (from the recent taxi-oriented vent) decided to jump in front of them and brake? Or if an animal of some sort (I've seen dogs in the middle of THAT freeway) comes on the road in front of them. How are they going to e-brake while they're sitting on their tanks with their legs off the footpegs?

    That's how I see it as being dangerous. Exceeding the bullshit 80kmh for learners limit is more than ok in my eyes as long as they were keeping up with traffic or in some way manouvering to get out of blind spots etc. I speed all the time to get out of blind spots then go back to the speed limit. I think that is perfectly safe. Those speed restrictions for learners though. Not perfectly safe.
  17. Congratulations, Yak. You have again shown us how moderators on this forum can abuse other forum members and get away with it because they are moderators. Your post was demeaning and stupid and added NOTHING to the thread apart from showing the rest of us what a prat you are.

    As far as doing stupid things on the F3, I agree with the OP. It's stupid and, if you're going to do stuff like that, choose a better time and a better place.

    As far as the constant whining about reduced speed limits for "L" and "P" plate riders, suck it up, kiddies. You're not anywhere near as good a rider as you think you are, and you need to learn to ride slowly before you can go fast.
  18. Seeing as though you wish to know the ability that I ride my bikes with, no I don't do mono's, nor have I thought that I needed to do so.
    Nor have I ridden a bike at the Creek, nor have I any interest in doing so.
    Watching bike racing is, for me anyways, just as boring as watching paint dry. That's my opinion only, and will leave it at that....

    If it was the case of them just riding safely above the learners limit of 80km/h , then I would not have thought anymore of it, as most cars have trouble keeping below the speed limit of 110km/h on the F3. It was what I will call the stunt riding that they performed, which is what I wanted to convey in my post. There is definately a time and place for it, and the freeway is not either of them.

    I ride / drive a minimum of 2,300kms/week, and have never found the need to stretch my muscles by sitting on the fuel tank of the bikes or the bull bar of the truck. Yes they were being clowns and egging each other on .

    And I still believe that if they were to have had an accident, and I need to make a split second decision as try to miss them, and threaten my life by going bush in the truck, or going straight ahead, they will be a speedbump....(and yes, I know this may not be acceptable to everyone)
  19. You headed down all the way from brisbane then?

    Clearly the blokes were being gooses but as for a time and a place, I think freeway's are among the safest places to do silly things. They're the only places where you can open it up with good visibility (i know not all freeways do but the barricaded 3-4 laners do). There's a good reason why many riders find freeways VERY boring.

    Now if these blokes were seen going down old road or RNP while sitting on the tanks I think they'd be a bit more of a danger to themselves and others.

    and no i don't condone the behaviour. If I saw it I would probably give them a good head shaking and thumbs down.

    and Yak isn't slow! :rofl:

    I've ridden behind him before, he's being bloody modest!
  20. Is there any legislation dictating that one must always use the allocated seat on a motorcycle, or even a car for that matter?

    I guess in a car the seat belt laws would imply that being in the proper seat is probably a good idea, but since we have no such amenity as motorcyclists, what is the deal for us?