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Hoon Rider.. :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by bjornzzz, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Well was driving down springvale road in my cage towards the city at about 8.45 when i noticed in my rear mirror a pretty nice looking bike.. All's good until we hit a traffic light, but instead of stopping like all riders would do, he actually accelerated hard and lane splitted to cut in front of the car in front of me in the middle lane, this was all before we came to a complete stop..

    At the next set of lights, he being stuck behind a bus moving really slowly, i managed to zip into the right lane and decided to accelerate pass the bus and motorcycle mentioned. But before i actually could, he decides that he also wants to change into my lane without doing a head check, but luckily i've sort of anticipated that he would cut into my lane so i did not accelerate very hard. He then saw me accelerating past him and at the very last second decided not to cut into my lane while causing himself to fishtail a bit, because i think he must've accelerated quite hard to try and get into my lane. When I drove past him, i like all drivers would, shook my head and when i was past him i saw him cutting into my lane behind me and did some form of hand gesture. Whether it was a "sorry i made a mistake" one, or a "f u i'm king of the world" i'm not sure as I wasn't looking long enough. Though i'll give him the benefit of doubt and say he was apologising.

    After that little incident i was already thinking to myself, damn if i wasn't a rider myself, i probably would've be wanting to kill him. And then this happened. about 10 seconds after incident above, we hit a school zone (40kmph zone). So the cars in front of me slowed down, and i slowed down to about 50kmph too. But he decided that the speed limit applies only to cars and then lane splits to the left lane and was doing at least 80kmph in a school zone.

    At this point, i was basically going "wtf at this absolute wanker", and thought to myself, no wonder people tend to have a negative attitude against riders. I bet everyone on the road with that guy this morning would hate riders by now.
  2. Mate that's called riding at the mercy of other road users.

    Unfortunately you can't even talk sense into many of them because they are so "overconfident" in their abilities that they think they can't go down. I like to avoid them like the plague.
  3. he's probably going to work the same way as you at about the same time...so you might see him again tomorow...and the day after...and even maybe most days for a few weeks...and then well, you just don't see him anymore...i wonder why.
  4. My dad actually got booked in his car doing 82km/h in a school zone...

    The copper had the audacity to step off the side of the road, to the outside lane, and stop infront of my dad's V10 touareg ship-boat.

    And it was my fault cause he was dropping me home... ha. Whoops.

    Moral of the story is, that same cop would probably just grab that rider straight off the bike and give him a good 'ol spankin.
  5. Well better late than never.. That rider is an accident waiting to happen..
  6. I drive my car from Springvale to Sharps rd and Airport drive everyday to work and back.
    I have seen the good, bad and ugly.... I dislike the bad,,,,hate the ugly mess someone
    leaves on the road....
  7. Good on 'im, I bet it sent a clear message to your dad about _why_ there are school zones...
  8. Anyone ever wondered why there are no kids in Grand Theft Auto? Besides behind the tv screen of course!
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Hahahahahahhahahahahahaahahhaha @ Not4Resale...
  10. HOON!!! :nopity:
  11. I know, I know, I know, but telling US isn't going to do anything about HIM........
  12. Reminds me of this email I received from a mate last Thursday. In the midst of talking about other things he mentions:

    "Was having dinner in Olinda tonight and a huge pack of bikes went by on the way down the mountain to Montrose. I presume it was the netrider group. I felt a slight pang of regret in not having a bike any more, but then i saw some of the crazy things they were doing, like overtaking on blind corners etc, I feel safer in a car! Then there was the 250 that only just got passed me pulled back into the lane before an on-coming car sped past (even though i'd slowed right down to 30ks to let them pass). Madness!!!"

    I've done a lot of riding with this fellow. He's no nanny, and his judgment on such things is very sound.
  13. +1 to mattb's friend.

    I went on one TNMR a year or two ago.

    Sheer madness.

    Never again.

  14. Yeah, sorry about this morning mate. I was running late.