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VIC "Hoon" penalties get even nastier

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, May 26, 2011.

  1. I seem to recall people complaining about the previous government's "hoon" laws.

    Things just got far worse.

  2. Sensational - not.
  3. One word comes to mind (apart from 'revenue') - 'OUCH'
  4. It was the Libs policy to toughen up the penalties before they were elected so those who voted them in have no-one to blame but themselves. Mind you, I'm not suggesting that I did or didn't vote for them.

    Even more incentive to change for those that don't believe in "time and place".
  5. I find it intriguing that "overloading" will be a "hoon" offence.

    Surely that's just a safety issue? The word "hoon" seems to have quite a broad definition these days. It's almost like if you're not beige, you're a hoon.
  6. I thought we already had laws to cover all this stuff... Must be somewhere else I'm thinking of...
  7. I do find it odd that being caught with a high range BAC doesn't lead to confiscation - but having a couple of extra passengers or doing a wheelie or a stoppie does.
  8. I don't really get the impression it's about revenue. I think they just want to create a 'hold-all' offense that can be used on just about anyone, anytime. If the definition is broad enough, anyone is at risk.

    It's a dangerous precedent, but it's how it's applied that will tell the bigger story. Not optimistic.
  9. But you can do an illegal U turn and kill people for free.
  10. On the news the other night, hecklers at a footy match were referred to as 'hoons' by the newsreader. wtf? Are they gonna impound my bike for that too?
  11. Ughhh im going to have to move interstate.
  12. Oh my god. I need a bucket to be sick in. The new legislation doesn't surprise me, Ted was clear in his stance on this issue before the election. But I just read the responses/comments on the article, and I cannot believe how low we've fallen as a society.

    I know we're enthusiasts, and that the majority of society don't share our interests or understand us. But the way they carry on about some of these issues, it's like 'hoons' are going around in mobs and shooting people. And since when is having more people than seats available 'hooning'? Bloody ridiculous...

    From wikipedia:

    "Hoon is a derogatory term used in Australia and New Zealand, to refer to a young person who engages in loutish, anti-social behaviour."
  13. I just sent uncle ted a message though the premiers office contact form, basically said why hassle people for acts that May cause injury but then let drivers that kill people off with no penalty
  14. Another step closer to the revolution.
  15. Takes a Lot to get me off my arse to do something..
  16. question for ya'll

    when i'm riding around victoria for my round australia trip... if i'm accidentally going 160 in an 80 or 100 zone... will i be punished the same way you guys are?

    i mean, will the "hooning" laws apply to me?

    or will i just get fined and possible points taken off? (i have a QLD licence)

  17. Sorry?
    I don't have an issue with that one.
    No seat means no seat belt, means the driver is not in control etc,...
  18. agreed, but i wouldn't call it hooning, thus it shouldn't be shoved into all their other bullshit "hooning laws".

    it's against the law, but it's not hooning.
  19. Fantastic. Seriously fantastic!

    It's about time harsher penalties came in for idiots on the roads. I've been saying ever since the 48 hour penalty came in that it's not nearly harsh enough. 30 days, 3 months and the possibility of loosing it permanently is exactly what's needed.

    That said, although the above is good, I think they are going a little easy still. 70km/h over.. WTF?! This needs to be reduced still I think although it's a good start I guess.
  20. But to lump it in with "hooning"???? Come on, surely you can see how ridiculous it is.

    If it sickened them that much why didn't they just make it illegal, oh wait....it already is. :facepalm:

    I once thought about moving back to Melbourne to be closer to my family. Sorry, and no disrespect to my family, but they can get fucked. If they want to see me, then can come up here.