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Hoon Laws, part the whatever.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. haha. Busted :twisted:

    Three months without their cars. Thats fairly harsh for a first offence isn't it?
  2. I don't think it's harsh. Not like 200km/h is "accidentally a bit over the limit".
    Doesn't matter anyway, they will go to court and sob, and some liberal magistrate will feel sorrow for their moment of weakness, give them a slap on the wrists and off they go.
    Or, they'll just drive unlicenced, as this sort of person does. Which is why taking their cars off them was introduced as a punishment.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Harsh is burying your son, 3 months without a car is SFA

    not harsh enough IMHO
  4. No it's not accidentally a bit over. It's probably getting towards the fastest that car is capable of in standard form. So I'm not arguing that is wasn't dangerous or stupid but three months without their cars is going to punish them AND their families. It doesn't mention if it was the P plater's parents car which is quite possible.
  5. Well, they (and their friends/family) will have something to think about next time they consider doing such a thing yes? It's called a deterrent. And now their parents know what a little turd their son/s are. Seriously, who cares who owned the car, the parents are probably partially at fault, either by setting examples or being tolerant of proabable past behaviour.
    Is it harsher to have one of these morons T bone someone, or drive into someone's living room?
    Better to punish them and their families than innocent bystanders is what I am getting at I suppose.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. They had a choice, they made it, they pay. Stiff sh*t.
  7. Keeping their cars would be no good to them as they were disqualified. One being a 'P' plater would have lost his licence automatically anyway. Actions have consequences, a lesson lost on many people today, until it actualy hits home, and then they bleat about how unfair it is..........well boo bloody hoo..
  8. Yeah, punishment is always the easiest option. Bit harder to address the 'why', so we'll stick with fines and such to make it look like we're taking action.
  9. Yeah, I know, they had a hard time in school because they didn't have the right runners and stuff, it's all societies fault, poor little buggers.....
  10. Tenoq, the cause is pretty obvious to anyone who lives in that area, mate. These are over-indulged little snots who don't work and drive around in $50,000 cars that their parents pay for from the proceeds of their little panel-beating shop, or their milk run. Yeah, right!!!
    The only problem with impounding the cars is that they will still drive their mates' cars while under suspension, and daddy will buy them another one for them from those same dubious businesses.....
  11. being without their cars, relying on family and generally being a burden may just be enough to deter them from stupidity again.

    i say give the idiots a year off......
  12. *slams down gabble* "Next case!"

    (I agree)

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I was just about to say .. ONLY 3 months?
  14. "Off with their Heads!" :twisted:

    To harsh?
  15. The problem I have with the Hoon laws is that it punishes the owner of the vehicle if the offender was not the owner.

    If a family only has one vehicle and the driver did something stupid enough to lose the car for 3 months, how is punishing the owner going to help?

    So the entire family now has to catch transport or rely on others to get around. Too bad if one member of that family is reliant on access to a vehicle.

    Punish the driver, take the car off them for a week.
    Take the licence away from the goose that just lost it for 6 months.
    Caught driving without a licence, cancel their ticket for 5 years. Caught again, Jail.
  16. Only if the owner willingly lent them the car, if it was stolen or a rental then the owner gets it back. So if someone "borrows" the family car without permission the parents can always claim it was stolen - that way only the driver gets punished.
  17. They're lucky they lost their cars for 3 months... means they're less likely to murder some nice biker while trying to make 2tonnes of metal leave the ground.

    Anti-hoon laws are seriously soft though, how about putting them into a rehab program or make them take anti-testosterone injections. Hell, why not just chop off their balls.

    Take away their lisences for good.
  18. Bloody good idea...stop the bastards breeding.
  19. Course no-one here has ever had a little top speed run attempt on their bike or in their car.

    ... especially when they were young!

    Oh, and we've never had a little race with another motorist and gone over the limit.

    Hell, I've taken my bike 45+ over the limit, just to see what it could do. On a multi-lane road, smooth, that I knew, with no other traffic around.
    I got to the speed, and then with curiosity satisfied, hopped on the brakes and came back down to 90k's.

    Now I was a curious motorist, testing the limits of my vehicle and returning to being a responsible road user immediately.

    These guys were racing - so they probably went a little longer than I did, but I'm sure the biggest difference between myself and those guys is just that they got caught.

    Tough for them - but they can't deny they were doing the wrong thing.
    They'll have to pay their fine and do without their vehicle for a while. Maybe they'll be more careful in the future.

    They're probably nice blokes any other day of the week and I'm not going to ask for their balls, heads, freedom or in any way say they have less rights than I do simply because they made a lump of metal move quicker than normal.

    - otherwise I'd be just as bad as the RTA :shock: