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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by McLvn, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Had a major attack of Hoon-itis today coming home from work. Wasn't in a great mood, just wanted that feeling of freedom from the drudge.

    Everything was perfect nailing every split and corner, pulling up at the last minute engine's roarin'.

    Got to the front door in record time and SMASH ... into the front gutter.

    Brake lever's bent and I couldn't ride for the life of me afterwards. (video and dinner)

    How does everyone stop themselves, when you are in the rythm of a perfect ride and loving it, but knowing your behaving like an idiot?
  2. It can only be stopped by a gutter, as you now know.
  3. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: thanks ... physics was never my strongest point. I guess what I really want advice on, is when people realise they're behaving badly, do you find it easy to let go of the "fun" factor
  4. course not :LOL:
  5. lol i guess that makes two of us today. was on fire at work, doing everything pronto, as i go home just felt like shi&t, next thing you know im merging onto the freeway with my tacho reaching numbers only i thought was possible by pointing at it with my finger, anyways, zipping through cars and all, took a corner and bammmm! peak out traffic, stopped me dead in my tracks.
  6. Umm.. Bikes fit a very specific niche, there isn't much of it thats "Get the most amount of power out of the lightest engine and chuck it in the smallest frame and slap 2 light weight wheels on it, so it will get up to speed really quick and rip your face off doing it" Thats how i see it anyway, so hooning is called for if you own one.. (Unless you like cruisers, then you suck ass) :p
  7. Sell that supersports bike and get a lower cc bike. Supersports bikes weren't designed to operate at commuting speeds...
  8. xvideo.com
  9. i've always known when im being stupid or wreckless. and after 2 crashes and many near misses from activities including attempted overtaking of a semi trailer in the boxes at the spur, i've developed the ability to tell myself im being an idiot, and its gonna happen again. so to save on my insurance premiums, i tone it down.

    i realise getting there a few seconds later wont make a difference, and i take it easy.

    then once im free from obstructions, i open the throttle and crank it sideways :twisted:
  10. Wade, I've been riding for 3 months every day commuting on a vtr250 in Sydney peak hour chaos. Not a supersport. I realise I don't have experience nor a "real" bike to keep up with the big boys.

    But pushing my little bike to its limits for me, is the best fun, not so much the insane speed of bigger bikes(yet). "Trying" to get a knee down around a 20km corner gets me laughing stupidly every time(Fail). Think I want a motard next.

    My (over)confidence on the commute is getting to a point where I literally can't sit still in my seat and I have to chill out, otherwise ...

    Thanks Nibor, when I noticed my brake lever bent I was beginning to understand this can only end in tears.
  11. Now that I've moved to the city, I think I'm going to miss commuting.

    I'm sure commuting wont miss me though...

    :twisted: :LOL:
  12. Knowing when your Hooning is easy, stopping is the hard part. Once you come off the bike hard, your over confidence will be put in place and you will realise that you can seriously hurt yourself.
    Also wait until you lose your license for an extended period (please note that some times the message doesn’t sink in, trust me I know) and can’t ride your babe and need to ask for a lift everywhere you go.

    So when you’re opening up that puppy just imagine the rest of your life in a wheel chair or you commuting on the bus for the next 6 months and believe me, you will pull that little lever on the right side.
  13. Bah stuff the lever! I just stomp the left foot lever and shoot off some mini revs so i can be sensible and feel like a hoon :twisted:
  14. :rofl:
    It's easy for me, I'm just too old for hooning
  15. Hey McLvn,

    Do you get out to the twisties at all (Wisemans Ferry, ect)?

    A lot of hooning can be got out of the system out there. Not to mention there's less cars and stuff to get in the way, more enjoyable.

    - Cole
  16. hoo⋅né⋅itis
       hoonitis, is a disease caused in the brain caused by overconfidence or the want and need for speed, or affects young men aged between 18-30 who ride motor cycles.
    cures: only cures known to mankind is currently Loss of license, however research has shown that once the license is returned, the disease begins again, studies are still underway.
  17. +1

    You will never get rid of hoonism, at least I can't anyway. I've lost my licence twice now and only have 2 points left, but I can't change my driving/riding style.

    I was riding along two days ago at 80 in a 60 zone and a cop went past... so here I am hoping, praying that he doesn't pull me over and book me. He doesn't. So I keep on riding thinking wow that was close I couldn've lost my licence, and a minute or two later on another road another cop goes past, and I realise I'm doing 20kmph over again...

    I'll never learn.
  18. FFS there's a time and a place. If there's a nice wide highway with very high visibility, hooning is much more justified but if you aren't aware enough to notice the fuzz until they're in past you then you aren't aware enough to notice the landcruiser pulling out of the side street.

    IMHO everyone gives it a squirt every now and then. If you are unable to control it however, the police are the least of your worries....

    how many near misses do you have on an average day?
  19. None, I've lost my license