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'Hoon insurance' offers speeders' package

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Insure against losing your licence
    For Ten bucks a month you get $1000 a month toward the cost of transport, You could hire someone to pillion you :p

  2. Can you sign up when you're on your last point?
    At least it gives the cops an idea which of us they should be watching :p
  3. Good on 'em. The penalties it won't cover are:

    Drivers subject to zero BAC# with a BAC of between 0.00% and .05%
    Drivers subject to .05% BAC with a BAC of .05% but less than .07%
    Driving under the influence of illicit drugs
    (10 points)
    Exceed speed limit by 45km/h or more*
    (8 Points)
    Exceed speed limit by 35km/h or more but less than 45km/h*
    (6 Points)
    Exceed speed limit by 25km/h or more but less than 35km/h*
    Rail level crossing offence
    (4 Points)

    What it will cover -

    Exceed speed limit by 10km/h or more but less than 25km/h*
    Disobey traffic lights, signs or police directing traffic
    Fail to give way or stop
    Drive without wearing a helmet (motorcycle), seat belt, or a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt, or with an unrestrained passenger under 16
    Drive on wrong side of double lines, or divided highway
    Risk colliding with alighting, boarding or waiting tram passengers
    Driving contrary to a major defect notice
    Careless driving
    Using a mobile phone illegally while driving
    Probationary driver who drives a high powered vehicle on a road
    Driving with an obscured or improperly displayed number plate
    Failure to display P plates
    (3 Points)
    Improper overtaking or passing
    Turn or stop without signalling
    Turn improperly
    Fail to keep left
    (2 Points)
    Exceed speed limit by less than 10km/h*
    Driving contrary to a minor defect notice
    Fail to dip headlights
    Driving at night without headlights and tail lights on
    Follow too closely
    (1 Point)

    Although for other offences other then "light" speeding, driver training is a big issue, I still appeal to the idea of a big "F-you" to the powers that be.
    Although, those that are targeted would likely purely be the enthusiast market, anyway, those with basic roadcraft downpat.

    Otoh, the real risk is that those who get picked up for poor roadcraft and vehicular maintainance, and take out this insurance, have no real impetus for change.
  4. At least it will give the average law abiding driver/rider a little relief when push comes to shove.
  5. How? Law abiding citizens don't speed - and they certainly don't lose their license with a points build up.

    If it covered speeding fines too it might be worth signing up for.
  6. Err...

  7. :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
    Ahh I get it .. just noticed your username :p
  8. Well I don't get it... Either I missed something or you're suggesting people who "only break the law a little" are law abiding.

    You either adhere to the law or you don't. There's no only a little bit unlawful anymore than there's a only little bit dead.

    So while it may help the average citizen, it doesn't help anyone law abiding unless they're trying to give away cash for taxation purposes in which case I have a paypal account that needs to be refilled.
  9. LAW my ASS .. this is revenue raising, we are not out there commiting theft, murder or ****

    By your standards, I must be a criminal, I've broken the law so many times in my 29 years of having a licence.
    I've forgotten to fasten a seatbelt on more than one occasion - 3 pts
    I've had a P Plate fall off my rear window - 3pts
    I've ridden through a red turn arrow after waiting 3 bloody cycles of traffic signals late at night cause the damn induction loop wont detect my bike - 3 pts
    I've exceeded the limit by less than 12 km on country roads - 3 pts
    I've had a tail light out - 1 pt
    I've exceeded the limit by less than 10 km countless times - 1 pt

    Hell why don't they line me up and just shoot me
  10. Wtf are you talking about? How simple can I make this...

    This isn't a "don't speed" tirade, which you can't seem to grasp, I'm saying your terminology is wrong.

    Law abiding means to obey the law. It doesn't mean to "almost obey the law", or to "obey all the big laws" - it means to obey the law.

    Speeding is breaking the law.

    You said law abiding.

  11. On the other hand...
    It's my opinion that the state government and senior police take that attitude that basically everyone is a criminal, everyone needs to pay, and if they they aren't getting caught - well. we just need to change the laws to make sure they do (!)
    That's why the Brumby government has budgeted for massive increases in the issue speeding penalties over the next three years.

    And here's another thing. About half of the driving public admit to speeding occasionally. The other half claim to never exceed the speed limit. About ten years ago the Swedish authorities conducted an extensive survey into this which included closely tracking the behaviour of supposedly 'compliant' drivers. The results were surprising. EVERY one of the drivers exceeded the speed limit at least once on EVERY journey they took. Remember, this is people who believe they never speed.

    So maybe the government is right - we are all guilty. The problem is, that nothing about what they are doing is changing that behaviour. People just tend not to comply with bad laws.
  12. The argument against it is that it will encourage speeding. The same logic could be applied to normal insurance; having comprehensive insurance encourages people to crash, having house insurance encourages you to not lock your doors and leave dodgy heaters on, having health insurance encourages you to eat poorly, etc. etc.
  13. I think most people would understand what I mean by 'law-abiding'
    I had typed out a lengthy reply, but thought WTF?
    Why bother

    FFS Bonkers .. I was really hoping You were kidding around here..

    PS: by 'law-abiding' I mean people unlike this:

    touche ?
  14. I made a comment asking how this insurance gives "the average law abiding driver/rider a little relief when push comes to shove." <---your words.

    I thought you were suggesting there was some way this insurance benefited "law abiding" people and so I asked how. I even go on to ask you to clarify your point:

    Well I don't get it... Either I missed something or you're suggesting people who "only break the law a little" are law abiding. <---my words.

    It wasn't being a smart arse or anything - I still thought I could possibly be missing your point. Even after I've told you what "law abiding" actually means you still try to push your point. FFS, write to the people that make dictionarys and argue with them.

    Do you still not get it? Law abiding doesn't fit. It doesn't make sense in your sentence. "Average citizen" would have worked, but law abiding doesn't. I was fool enough to think you knew what you were writing and dared to ask you for an explanation of how it worked - silly me.

    I thought you "got it" and were just being stubborn, but bringing up a quote I made in jest tells me you still don't get it.
  15. Here's a slap each: scchlapp schalapp

    It was pretty clear from context that what was meant was that even people who try hard to be law abiding might on occasion get tripped up for a few km over in the current crazy climate, and this insurance offers such people some protection. Someone who fully intends to obey the law, and does 95% of the time or more, but whose speed creeps over by 5 km/h on a long downhill and gets a fine is fairly characterised as a 'law-abiding person', even though in that particular instant they were not abiding by the law. Any tighter definition than that smacks of pedantry.
  16. Problem with traffic laws is that even someone abiding by the law to the best of their ability (ie law-abiding) could still easily get done by simply not being aware of the fact they're breaking the law.
    Missing a change in speed limit because the sign is hidden behind a tree for example is easy enough for anyone to do. Drive past that point everyday for a week and you could easily rack up enough points to lose your licence before the first fine arrives in the mail letting you know that you've inadvertently been breaking the law.
    It is an unlikely scenario - but is it that much more unlikely than say your house burning down or any one of the other unlikely events people take out insurance for.
  17. :roll:
  18. i'd be interested to hear whether they'll take on people who have already displayed a bad driving record as they claim they are aiming at the average driver who is caught out for accumulation of minor offences.

    Wonder what they'd do about double demerits weekends.
    On a long weekend it'd be quite possible that people have had 2 <15km speeding offences over a long weekend and then they are screwed even if they never lost a point before.