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Hoon grandma!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. Did she run?
  2. Must admit the detail is vague. Was it 45 over in a 100 or 45 over in a 40 school zone?
  3. ...or 45 over a 10 parking lot zone...
  4. No, she drove fast. Bad hips you see.
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  5. Go Granny Go
  6. Yeah, go straight to the police station and hand your licence in.
    A 82 year person doesn't have the reaction time, the vision, the hearing or the co-ordination to be driving 45kph over the limit.
    Jesus, gimmmmmmmeeeee a freakin' break here... this the classic SMIDSY waiting to happen.
    And to the riders out there who reckon this incident is humorous, just think, an 82 year old deaf, blind and speeding driver could be heading your way real soon.
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  7. Mate, that's a pretty long bow to draw, even without the generalisation of old people. What if was a 45 over a 30K zone?
  8. Are you for real?
  9. Agree that is a pretty "long bow" however, she pleaded not guilty? Coupling that with the age fact that at the ripe old age of 82, there is a more than likely chance of experiencing functional decline and capacity, in addition to an apparent lack of insight as displayed in her plea.

    She is just manslaughter case just waiting to happen. Re-test or get her off the roads asap.
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  10. Yes to the above.
  11. I don't know the hoon laws in WA, but if they are like the ones in other states she'll loose her license and have her car impounded.

    Did you consider that maybe she is pleading not guilty to the 'hoon' charges not the speeding charge.

    Oh and motorcyclists are just an accident waiting to happen, bloody organ donors.......
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  12. What a heap of garbage - all you know is she's charged with doing 45 over and no other circumstances and she's pleading not guilty (as is her right). How is pleading not guilty a lack of insight, for all you know she might well be not guilty.

    We don't comment on motorcycle crashes here because we don't usually know all the facts. This sort of subjective bullshit is why.
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  13. I have a horrible feeling lately that some of the posts I have been assuming were taking the piss for a giggle are actually "for real".
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  14. Depending on who is making the comment, I always assume they are "for real". In case you hadn't noticed we have some very small and narrow minded beige people on this forum. People who seem to actually believe the crap fed to them by the government and popular media.
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  15. So some people have jumped up because she is old, a cager, and speeding etc. and they want her off the road.

    You have all missed the real reason why she should be taken off the road.
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  16. hahahaha
  17. I like the ignore feature. You should try it, it helps make the place far more pleasant Mick.
  18. No, I don't like ignoring people, sometimes they have something interesting to say.
  19. Can she plead that her cataracts means she couldn't see the numbers on the speedo hence didn't know she was 45 over the limit?
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