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'Hoon' clocked at 110kmh

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. In this case, I support the seizure of his vehicle for 3 months. What a malaka.

    'Hoon' clocked at 110kmh
    A 17-year-old Melbourne learner driver's car has been impounded for the second time in three weeks after he was clocked at more than double the speed limit.
    The Altona teenager was caught speeding between 110 kmh and 120 kmh in a 50 kmh zone along the Esplanade in the bayside suburb of Williamstown, about 7.15pm yesterday.
    The man, who has only a learner's licence, was driving on his own.
    Police seized the car under Victoria's anti-hoon laws, a police spokeswoman said.
    It comes as a News Ltd reports Victorians will soon be able to dob in reckless drivers on a hoon hotline.
    Police have impounded more than 4120 cars since Victoria's anti-hoon legislation was introduced in July 2006.
    Under the ''three strikes'' anti-hoon laws, vehicles are impounded for 48 hours for a first offence, three months for a second indiscretion and permanently for a third breach of the law within a three-year period.
    This year alone, 718 cars have been confiscated for 48 hours and another 150 have been impounded for three months.
  2. 110-120kph on that road? Yeah. Kick his butt.
  3. I always think it's interesting that the large number of vehicles impounded is always spruiked as proof of the success of hoon laws.

    A moment's logical reflection would indicate that, if they're working as a deterrent as intended :)?), fewer impounds would indicate success.

    But yeah. No sympathy with this specimen.
  4. The 'Dickhead' deserves whatever he gets. :roll:

    He got his car back after the first time it was impounded ? :?
  5. Now i know we have all had a fang out on the open rd, but in a 50kph zone doing this speed is a serious issue.

    Our laws are to soft and there is no deterant to stop them from doing it.

    So what he loses his car and when he gets it back he has another crack at it.

    Seriously if i had control over fcukwits like that i would be fining them some serious money along with a jail sentence, and telling him he will never have a licence as long as his ass points to the ground, and he will never be getting his car back. And if he gets caught driving again he will be locked up for good no questions asked.

    Now that is how you deter people.. :evil:
  6. Yeah I don't like this 3 strikes principle. Getting caught so soon after the first offence proves they didn't learn a thing from the first impoundment (and not having a car for 48 hours is hardly a major inconvenience). I reckon there should be a "good behaviour" period after the first offence - get caught again doing the same stupid shit anytime in say the 12 months afterwards and you skip straight to instant vehicle loss.
    Most people should be able to behave themselves with that sort of penalty looming over them, those that can't probably shouldn't be on the road for a while, they should also make licence cancellation part of that vehicles loss to force them to go back through the learning process again.
  7. And what happened to the full licenced driver in the passenger seat if this dude was a learner? If there was one?
  9. What about a mobile crusher? Bring it too the scence & wham O. :LOL:
  10. :oops: :oops:
  11. Don't these dills realise that the Police target places like that, just to catch people like him :roll:???

    And again, anyone who's already had a brush with the law should realise that he is now marked to be watched, because they know he'll probably do it again. It's like shooting fish in a barrel in this situation...
  12. There is plenty of room, for this bloke, on the road toll. Lets hope that he doesn't take anyone else with him.
  13. forget seizure of his car, shouldn't there be a loss of license aswell? going 60ks over the limit.

    since he is only on his L then he should be restrcied from getting his L for a set period.

    but then again i don't think that will stop him by the looks of things.
  14. Interestingly enough I have looked at TAC’s road accident and incident data cube set (accessed through a colleague at work who does some analysis for Gov). Its very interesting and I might publish some paragraphs for the media,

    First of all the data cube has data not only on accidents, but reported incidents including DUI’s and highspeed infringements etc.

    When you examine certain areas (geographic) the number of accidents per 100,000 population there is statistically no difference when comparing what is termed as ‘reckless’ conditions and normal.

    This means that all these ‘hoon’s as quoted by the police and media, present no more of a risk on the road than your average granny may heading to the shops.
  15. So why then do the stats on fatalities show a significant link between road deaths and young uneducated/unemployed males driving above the speed limit in residential areas on Friday and Saturday nights for "recreational" purposes (ie no specific destination). :?
    Sure those factors don't necessarily imply "hoon" behaviour - but common sense says it's very, very likely.
    (Going by the MUARC study BTW).
  16. 50km zones are a joke.....and so is the system, just lately i been look at roads and the posted limts (as i have had a few mates that have suggested that sometimes i forgot to check the speedo) anyway i have noticed that some of our best roads like the freeways 3 lanes divided roads are only suitable for 100 and yet roads like stud are only 20 lower posted limited, alot smaller, 2 lanes how the fcuk do they come up with this shit.....now i hear they are testing camera's in moving cars (front and rear) still to confirm this but from what i am told they will just pick up the plates if your speeding and send you the ticket in the mail...... why the fcuk don't they just paint double lines everywhere :roll:
  17. Why do they have to get so close to the actual number and then still say "more than"? Why not "more than 4000 cars"?
  18. I'm waiting for the time where something like this happens and people have decided enough is enough, time to lash out.