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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. I would just like to make a statement that after taking up riding at 34 years old, and riding for three months, I am TOTALLY HOOKED. I wish I had taken it up earlier. My SS VY Commodore is starting to look very neglected in the garage. And I can't wait to get off the 250 restriction. Still don't know what style of bike I like. I'll have to wait until I'm off my restriction before I can test ride all the different types. Leaning towards sports initially but some cruisers have caught my eye.

  2. like my poor old ute :( got driven every day at every chance till i got my bike. then it sat in the drive for 6 months without getting driven before i sold it..... poor old girl :cry:
  3. I'll second that!

    I started at age 28 and loving it! I too can't wait to get off my restrictions. 326 days to go!

    Fantastic bike you got too - good choice!
  4. *LMAO* I can relate... I have a Feroza which was my pride and joy (still is in some 4x4 way) but I think I can count how many times I've used it since getting my scooter last october... and those times have ONLY been so I can take the dog somewhere or go to the drive in once!!! (I used to go all the time to the drive in...) and I have 280 days to go till I get off my restrictions!!!! (oh god I just sat here and worked it out... how sad!
  5. Me too. I nearly got my licence when I was 18 but was in a car accident which put me off the idea for 9 years. I'm glad I got plenty of driving experience before I got the bike ...... but in hindsight if I knew how fun it was going to be I never would have waited that long.
  6. Its very addictive...i bought my aprilia with 6k on the clock...i did 3k in a month.
  7. Yesss... another one hooked! We are becoming a majority rather than a minority. Thats a good thing. Have fun but be safe!
  8. Welcome. Why the Eels??? There are far better teams to follow ;)
  9. I blew the motor on my little valiant after leaving it sitting in the car park at my appartment for 12 months, but then I only bought it to do the odd shopping trip, there goes $650 of my hard earned wealth....my it R.I.P. :LOL: :p :LOL:
  10. Well my brother bouncing our much-loved 626 V6 down an armco and concrete-bounded hill was my inspiration. :(

    Not to mention the old man decided it was time to get back into riding - always good when they're is someone else riding with you!
  11. My Astra, complete with cobwebs over the fuel cover is probably a holden Marketers dream for fuel economy over time.

    On the flip side I'm startled to find out how often I'm getting my bike serviced as it goes through major and minor services at a blur.
  12. Because I grew up in Parramatta and used to live next to Ray Price's brother, Mick. That meant getting into the Parramatta change rooms at Cumberland oval as a little kid and rubbing shoulders with the greats in the Eels' heyday in the 80s. Not to mention getting flattened by Rex Mossop in the corridor when I got in his way.
  13. Think that might be stretching things a tad far Ninja, having said that, numbers are certianly on the increase.