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Hoodies Anyone?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. I kinda like these and was thinking of getting a few made.

    Anyone interested in ordering any? they would be $35

    Permanent item perhaps?


    and perhaps a vest too? same price at $35

  2. definately Yes.

    the Vest would be really handy for those cold mornings.

    would buy a couple i'd say. And 1 for Mrs Drew.
  3. Funky, we'll see what everyone else thinks and i'll place an order for some stuff.

    I'm changing the style of the current beanies too, they are on the merch page.

  4. Yes, Vic I would be in that.
    As long as you get girl's sizes too (the guys ones are way too big even in small.)
    Are you game to try and ship me any more merchandise???
    Australia Post debarcles all round! :evil:
  5. I'd order a vest :)
  6. Yeah vest is cool match my new sticker on my bike :cool: :cool:

    Vic I like the beanie with red, but don't wear beanies much. The cap is still looking a bit old, time for an update?
  7. You put a SAAB sticker on your bike?
  8. yeah i'd go a NR hoodie.
  9. silly bugger :grin:
  10. I might buy a hoody. vest, no, unless it was leather...
  11. Put me down for one of each in a medium Vic :wink: :cool:
  12. They are on the merch page and the ladies get a choice of 4 colours.
  13. Ooooh, I love a hoodie :cool:

    Can't decide between the colours though..... you spoil us girls, vic :wink:
  14. Put me down for a hoodie Vic
  15. You need to put yourself down champ ;)

    <----over there on the merchandise page
  16. Hey Vic do they make them for real men.. :twisted:
  17. I'll let you know how generous the 2XL is
  18. how'd it go with the real mans size vic?? id be keen for one of the hoodie's.
  19. Still about a week away. The merch chick was on Holidays.
  20. Cool, i will be awaiting your response..