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Honourary Knighthoods

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I'm dispensing honourary Knighthoods ~ just cos I can and I'm bored :wink:

    Here's a couple just off the top of my head, feel free to add yours.

    Dame Caz the Bling
    Sir Bravus the Wise

    and mine... Dame Fuzzy the Bikeless :p

    OK, dub away guys.
  2. Sir Banga Of The One Wheel.
    Dame Eswen The Horny
  4. Sir Tramp the Ruff..... :p
  6. Dame Wendy the fiesty
  7. Saint Kezza, the patron Saint of frequent flier points
  8. I you really want to create Knights, there is better way of doing it....see below

    The realm of King Arthur was sorely beset by the encroachments of the Saxons. Sadly, there were few Knights left to fight them. King Arthur, despairing the probable downfall of Camelot, turned once again to Merlin, his friend and wisest advisor.

    "Fear not, my King" said Merlin. "I have a plan. Bring me parchment and ink and all your scribes. Then bring me the youth of the nearby peasants, the stable boys, and the young servants of the castle. I shall give you your Knights!"

    Soon, as bidden, the male youth of the nearby peasantry were summoned to Camelot, along with the stable boys and the younger servants. Merlin had them arrayed in a single line that stretched almost as far as the eye could see. One by one, each young man stepped up to a table beneath a pavilion where Merlin sat. The humble youth entered, full of fear and not knowing what to expect. As they passed Merlin, he handed each one a piece of parchment with the seal of Camelot printed upon it by the scribes. Each parchment and the image upon it was exactly like the others. Miraculously, as each young man took the parchment and placed it on his forehead, a change took place in him.

    They all stood taller, stronger -- their eyes flashed with confidence and power. As they exited the pavilion, each one was truly a powerful Knight! They were handed their swords and given great horses to ride and galloped off to do battle. Nearly a thousand of the humble became Knights that single day. History tells us that they were successful and helped preserve Camelot for yet another generation.

    Merlin, of course, is known to this day as the inventor of the Printed Sir Kit.
  9. god that was so bad i think it gave me cancer...

  10. Ahhh my work is done then...... :twisted:
  11. back in your box, sirrah George, you should be de-knighted for that howler :LOL:
  12. Yess finaly someone with some whit!

    oh btw.

    Sir Incitatus The Ent
  13. Sir Inci the Dental?
  14. Sir Inci the Mental?
  15. Sir Incidental of whatever ? :p
  16. We are the knights of "Nyip".............................

    Ooops wrong cartoon... :cool:
  17. Do you mean the Knights who say Ni who want a shrubery?

  18. Yes (I couldn't remember how to spell it). A Schwubbery?
  19. I was waiting for the MP lines to start flying

    How about........Sir Vix :p
  20. Hmm i will give it ago :LOL:

    Dame ChArMs The Oblivious