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Honesty Is Alive...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scorpious31, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. I was out with the family around 8.45 this morning to a dog club christmas break up (bbq, games ect for kids and dogs).Stopped at the hole in the wall at the local shop center for a few dollars and got chatting to some bikers getting ready for a ride to Toodjay (Ulysees).
    We where in a bit of a hurry and as I was saying bye to them placed my wallet with cash and cards in the drivers door pocket and closed the door and drove off.

    At arriving at the park 2 kms away and getting out of the car the wallet wasnt there Farrk it must have fell out as I closed the door as I wasnt watching what I was doing. Hurried back to carpark and looked for the wallet but it was no where to be seen.

    Drove back to the park and got a call on the mobile saying a man had found it and it was all intact and I could come pick it up. This all happened with in about 5 mins. Pheww was so relieved.He lived just around the corner from where we do so I asked him if it would be ok to come get it when I was going home.

    1 pm we went home and I got the last few bottles of "Redback" from me fridge and went to his place.
    I was so glad to have it back and the kids said that they know who it was ( a parent from little athletics) I thanked him from the bottom of my heart and told him how glad I was to see that there are still good honest people left and especially at this time of year when things are a little strained.

    Does any one else have good stories of honesty like this ???

  2. Nope not really, generally most people are self centered, thoughtless pricks.

    Glad you bumped into the one of the endangered species. My wife and I consistantly go out of our way to return wallets / keys whatever but rarely evern get a thankyou. We feel strongly about the need to "do the right thing" and hope others do too because "doing the right thing" is often harder than not doing anything or being a prick.

    Although I do think it makes a difference on where you live. I grew up in a small town and this sort of kindness to another seemed much more common. Maybe because is was a small place and the hurt that was cause to that person you could almost see whereas in the city its like "meh, I don't know you so sucks to be you!"
  3. When I was 14 my cousin and I found a wallet in a phone booth in Riverview Qld. Can't remember the exact amt of money in it, but we divvied it up between us and went and blew it on crap at a nearby shopping centre.

    I still think of that. Riverview's basically a commission house area - low income families...many Maori and Aboriginal families...going through tough times.

    I recall the drivers licence in the wallet (we left the wallet in the booth after emptying it out of $$) had a photo of a maori guy who would've been in his mid thirties approx. Probably his hard earned pay or something.

    Still feel like shit about it. :(

  4. I found a dropped wallet in Manly concourse years and years ago.
    No ID except for a blank video rental card, and $180 cold hard cash.

    I handed it in at the local cop-shop and they told me they'd do their best.

    3 weeks later, I got a letter in the mail.
    2 $10 timezone vouchers fall out, along with a letter from a guy thanking me for handing over the wallet at the police station, and that the $180 was his rent money and he was so scared he'd lost it because he couldn't afford it otherwise.

    Still wish I'd just kep... just kidding! :p
  5. Thats a good story.

    I lost my wallet a the royal show a few years back. Had about $250 in it plus all the usual cards etc. Was really pissed off and i was thinking about how someone had all that money and also my house address (on license). Then while i was still at the show my mobile rang and it was a woman who had picked it up off the ground.

    When i eventually found her it was this young (mid 20's) girl caring for three disabled people. It was the middle of the showgrounds and i didnt know how else to thank her so i bought them all ice creams.

    I think deep down most people are nice. And i reckon the bigger the amount of money the more likely people are to hand it in.
  6. Some years ago I was in a small town on the south coast of Turkey and had a brain fade, leaving my camera sitting on some rocks near a historical monument.
    Didn't even notice the loss until hours later, when a small boy knocked on the door of my room, started babbling away excitedly (to my confusion) and then did the camera "click-click" mime thing. The penny dropped and I realised I didn't have my camera. He motioned for me to follow him, so we set off across town and ended up at his parents' apartment, where the mother produced my camera!
    Thing is, they didn't even know it was mine - the mother had sent the boy to go to every hotel in town and knock on every door (okay it was a very small town...) , until they found a tourist who had lost a camera (!!!)
    'Course I could hardly say no when the mum then showed me some hand-made jewellery she made to sell to tourists. But then the family invited me to dinner :grin:
    There's good people all over the place.
  7. last year at the Fringe (Adelaide) I was at the Famous Spiegeltent, had jsut seen a really good show and my lovely girl and I were sitting back at a table close to the dance floor, chilling out and watching some couples really put on a show of jive style dancing (not performers, just people), when I felt (more than heard) a thump on the floor and spied a rather thick wallet near my foot. It had come from another group of people who were having a dance too.

    I looked and the only guy in the group seemed oblivious to his missing wallet (it was a male style wallet) so I tapped him on his elbow and asked him if he was missing anything? Immediatley he went for his wallet and found it missing - the "aw, f**k" look on his face was almost as priceless as the "aw, f**k" grin I got when I produced it :grin:

    Anyway, He was very gratefull and I went back to my table. A short while later a waiter arrived with a Crownie and a glass of bubbles for me and my partner, with a message saying thanks from "the gentleman over there" and that there was another waiting for us when we had finished!

    Karma is a wonderful thing. Spread the good stuff around and you will get a lot of it back.
  8. good things happen to good people ;)
  9. I've given money/purses/wallets to people I saw drop them in the past. I've had my wallet returned to me twice before - once without the money in it.

    My dad found a wallet at a shopping centre. It had a bit of money in it. He rang up the owner and arranged a meeting place to give it back to him. As it turned out, the owner was relieved because it contained his rent and Christmas shopping money in there.

    About 1 week after I moved into my place earlier this year, I went for a ride to St Kilda on my mountain bike. I lost my house keys there. Ironically, the #1 job on my list that day was to get a spare set of keys cut when I got back. I had my keys on the keyring of the real estate agent which sold me my place. Five weeks after losing my keys, the real estate agent rang me up and told me a set of keys arrived.

    There's still enough honest people out there.
  10. A few of us were out running and one of my mates noticed a wallet on the ground. It had ID and credit cards but no cash. After the run we all split up and one returned it to the guys house (because he lived nearby). He was an old (frail) man who had been robbed a week ago - apparently he was very greatful for our kindness :)
  11. I often have wallets and other valuables left in the store I work at. I'll do everything I can to return these items. Most wallets have an address if not a phone number, so I look up the address and call the house. I have dropped wallets in mailboxes on my way home when I can't get a phone number. Many wallets have some money in them, but there have been a few with large amounts (most notably a wallet found with $4500 in it....a truckies license in there, so likely to be his pay). I like to be able to do the right thing without necessarily being recognised for it.

    The thing that cheeses me off is when we have people call who 'think' they've left a valuable item in the store and sort of accuse you of stealing when its not found :evil: I'd love to know how often they get home and find the item they 'thought' they'd left behind....and never an apology for their poor treatment of either myself or the other staff they had accused....
  12. my sisters wallet was stolen from her bag at a gymnastics competition, the only people who could have taken it were parents. a cleaner found it 2 weeks later in the toilets and rang her up abusing her about leaving it there. my sister checked the toilets, under sinks and even in the bin. funny thing was there was no money missing.