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Honest review of the Triumph Bonneville

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by QuarterWit, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. People are a little too forgiving of the bike's problems and a quick look around YouTube showed me that half the videos put up didn't actually say anything at all... and the rest were overly gushing and uninformed.

    So with my typical hubris I went ahead and made this...

    Feedback, abuse, threats etc all welcome.
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  2. Great work mate. That's the type of review I'd be looking for before buying a bike.
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  3. Fantastic review. I wish there were more like that. I think I might get inspired when I find some time.
  4. Nice one, well done.
  5. I was going to offer to be your friend, until I saw your lounge room.

    Good review btw. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is harsh on his own bikes.
  6. Awesome review!
  7. Great review! Made me laugh, made me cry... has it all... very entertaining and informative :)
  8. Should be more reviews like this!
  9. Good mix of silly and serious, well done.
  10. omg you're reddit famous
  11. That's brilliant QW! So, after all the effort you've put into making it not suck, are you keeping it, or trying to get rid of it?
  12. I think I'm going to keep it for the foreseeable future. To be honest, there's just not much out there that excites me all that much. Except my plans to turn a WR250X into a faux-1960's GP racer. But that's a long way, and lot of cash off.

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. It really is appreciated. I haven't received any hatemail yet, which is a little bit disappointing. But there's still time. I just need to think of a topic for the next video now...
  13. Great video. I think you love that bike with all its annoying flaws and quirks.
  14. I linked it on a Triumph forum, hoping to get some bites. Only laughs so far.
  15. Great review, the Bonneville has been on my short list for a new bike.
  16. You right bastard! How dare you take Mother Englands finest & tarnish their reputation with such slander! I hope John Bloor sues the pants off you :finger:

    Also, you're a bald, underweight hipster.

  17. MV, I'd chase you but my pants are far too tight.

    Oh, and iBast, I've found the same thing as well. Only one or two people managed to crack the shits with me and even then in only the nicest, most passive-aggressive sort of way.
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  18. Yeah, & expending energy is so last year anyway.
  19. plus being boisterous about it would be most un-British and display a less than stiff upper lip. Wouldn't want to spill one's tea now would they.
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  20. Loved it!

    Well done!