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Honest Review of call-around for Heated Handgrips - Triumph (sydney)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lowercase, May 27, 2011.

  1. So, I thought I'd ring around all the places in Sydney (that I could find, forgive me if I left some out, and let me know so I can call them too, or you can) for a quote on getting my Oxford heated handgrips (which I ALREADY OWN) fitted to my TRIUMPH SPRINT RS 2001 model.

    Here's the honest results, and exactly what I wrote down on my notes as I went along. And no, I wasn't just f*ucking them around, as I have booked them in with one of the following. Read for the results, you might be really surprised:

    Heated HandGrips:

    Procycles Hornsby:
    $165 1.5 hours minimum - i usually go there for my servicing but they didn't seem too interesting in bothering with these grips

    Procycles St Peters:
    ******** on phone ("uh, it’s an older model. you can’t fit them on such an old bike" me "yes you can, it's just about wiring it up correctly. it's not THAT old a bike, mate" "i dunno about that" me "mate, you can put them on my bike, many people who have older sprint st's or the rs's on the forums have heated grips" him "you’ve come through to service i’ll put you through to accessories" me "i ALREADY HAVE THE GRIPS! i wanted a quote on fitting them!" finally gives me a quote after shitting on about 3 hours minimum) $220 minimum - f*uck you guys, never going there! dodgy pricks.

    Sydney City Motorcycle Wreckers:
    $170 minimum cost, probably 2-3 hours, can't do for 2 weeks.

    Northside Motorcycles:
    $220-260, guy was nice on the phone, but too expensive, on hold for ages. then told me price of heated handgrips after i'd already told him i had some - seemed busy though, so wasn't like he was condescending. 2-3 hours minimum

    Mobile Motorcycle Repairs & Services:
    (spoke with mark - good guy!!!!)
    80 with service (which I got a quote for also - will get my service done with him in the next month or two)
    160-180 without service. i did book it in, but then cancelled, as can get cheaper and earlier, also felt bad for making him travel all the way to mine for such a small job. 1.5 hours

    Bikebiz Granville:
    $220 nice person but too expensive - 2-3 hours

    Balmain Motorcycles:
    $150-200 nice girl answered phone - didn’t sound like an idiotic bimbo, seemed cool - can do late nxt week, 8th available - spoke with chris, really nice guy, and didn’t seem like an arse. 1.5-2.5 hours

    Brian Connor Motorcycles:
    $200-250 - prob can do in 2 weeks time, too expensive - really nice guy, seemed to ramble on a little also. 2-3 hours

    Lloyd Penn Artarmon:
    $110 - 150 - excellent over the phone, had an honest conversation about other people trying to rip me off due to being a female, owning a Triumph, and because they can (or they can try, anyways) 1-1.5 hours

    S&R Pro:
    $120 - excellent over the phone, can do this monday - spoke with Rupert - nice dude. 1-1.5 hours, they'll do it while i go grab some breaky at a cafe down the road.

  2. oops, forgot my conclusion! heh, science nerd that i wish i was, here it is:

    basically, i don't know if it's because i'm a chick and they think i'm an idiot, or because i ride a triumph and they think i have money (which i seriously do not), or because they just rip everyone off, or because they are not good mechanics and don't know how to do their jobs in some cases, or all of the above (i think it's most likely all of the above in some of these cases)...

    however, when you get quotes ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours PLUS, there's a serious problem with those over a certain amount of time.

    many scenarios:
    * they don't like fitting heated grips
    * they don't want my money anyways
    * they don't know how to fit heated grips
    * they're going to get the apprentice to do it who's been there for 2 days

    anyways, i would have happily gone with the following three in no particular order:
    - Mobile Motorcycle Repairs & Services
    - Lloyd Penn Artarmon
    - Balmain Motorcycles

    the reason I'm going to to S&R Pro, in Penrith, instead, is because a) very good price b) we discussed time and they gave me a solid quote of $120 c) he was not an arse and was honest and open d) they can do it on Monday... and e) instead of them saying "drop it off in the morning pick up in the afternoon", they told me i can definitely wait, and be done in less than 1.5 hours.

    so, i hope this helps at least one other, because i think it's time people were more honest, and showing my experience, which, granted, isn't exactly normal (female, triumph, heated grips, older bike etc), it still shows which dealers go to the extra mile, and i've listed 4 (3 i'd have been happy to take bike to, and the one i am taking bike to) mechanics that i'd recommend over the others, purely based on my circumstances.
  3. nice write up, appreciate it as Im lookign at getting some grips and would need them fitted also... :D
  4. That's awesome lowercase, thumbs up for the effort.
  5. Probably would have taken less time to fit them yourself :)
  6. It can be pretty frustrating fitting them yourself. I found the most difficult bit was getting the new grips on the bars - I didn't have the sharp enough file and was a bit worried about filingback too much and damaging the wiring.

    Also, consider whether they are all going to be doing the same job - are they wiring them via a relay so they switch off when the ignition is off?
  7. never heard a bad word about s&r pro they do all the rapid bikes too.
    was thinking of getting my tracky dyno'd there.
  8. O yer,its imposible to fit Oxford Heated Grips to old bikes,then why does my 1974 3C Laverda have them fitted,sure it has a 240watt Kawaski Altinator in it but others dont and they still handle the load.BTW good gadget
  9. i know, right? what an idiot. it's a 2001, FFS!

    i made sure they all knew what i wanted and they all quoted me on exactly the same work.

    meh, i couldn't have done it if i tried. i've never done anything even remotely similar like that on either bike of mine, and until someone shows me some stuff, i ain't gonna try!
  10. just went for a short ride, and i just wanna say this - will be very happy when i get my heated grips fitted!

    i'll post an update when i get home on monday :) so excited!
  11. Fitting heated grips can take 30minutes or it can end up taking hours... or if you munt the throttle tube, DAYS. I've fitted a few in my time. (For the record, do not buy SAITO heated grips... absolutely crap).

    The easiest install is to connect to the battery direct as per the instructions. The downside is that the grips can be turned on at any time. The Oxford blurb says that the control unit will detect low battery voltage and will turn off the grips therefore avoiding flattening the battery... *cough*bullshit*cough*.

    The best install is to see whether you have a spare fuse called accessories and tie the power supply into it... that way the grips can only be on when the ignition is on.

    An OK install is to find a wire on a circuit with a high amp fuse, that is only live when the ignition is on - and tap into this wire as a power source... bike manual wiring diagrams are good for that and getting an idea how much load is already being carried.

    A better version of that though is to run a signal wire from this wire, connect it to a relay and run the power from the battery terminals VIA this relay and onto the grips... that way, there's only a power when the ignition is on, but it comes right from the battery, so effectively a separate circuit and doesn't overload anything else. You turn ignition on, the relay trips and connects the battery to the grips. Nice.

    The grips alone can take 5 minutes or an hour, depending on how the previous person fitted them (araldite, contact adhesive, hairspray, no glue at all...) After my 3rd install, I just went out and got a second hand throttle tube and installed the RH grip onto it at my leisure - that way I only needed to remove the existing grip and throttle tube and store it. Easy peasy. If the left grip was glued, then it was a cut and strip job... otherwise a skewer and some compressed air squirted under the grip does a nice job of getting the grip off.

    Anyway I suspect your preferred shop will direct connect to the battery and with an RS there's not much in the way, so they are banking on a simple loom running job and simple grip swap. Hope it goes that way!
  12. Yeah, at first I thought I wanted it connected with the ignition, but then I realised "stuff that" :)
  13. just thought i'd let you know, although i was booked in for monday, due to sleeping in and the worst weather sydney has seen in goodness knows how long, i've now booked in for friday as it looks like it should be good weather and i can go for a ride afterwards.
  14. I put heated grips (Oxford) on my last bike. A mechanic put them on for me, and over a period of the next month or so, both grips actually came off while I was riding. Emergency stop to buy SupaGlu put that right, but I later found out that Oxford don't supply much glue with their kit, so just keep some SupaGlu handy just in case. I was a disappointed with the heated grips overall, it was hard to see what setting they were on unless I was riding in the shade, and even on the hottest setting, it barely warmed my hands up (but then I have thick winter gloves for the heat to work through first and my hands really do get cold, so they had to work pretty hard).
  15. well, turns out it took 1 hour and about 5 minutes!

    they went to charge me $110, but i wouldn't accept that and gave them the $120 quoted as there was no way i was short changing them!

    really nice guys! excellent service and i'd highly HIGHLY recommend their work. my heated grips work wonderfully and i'm so happy!

    they'd NEVER fitted heated handgrips before yet it still only took 1 hour and 5 minutes. all those 2.5 hours plus quotes... please! what imbeciles!
  16. can i have $10 too? anyway back to the other thread
  17. sure. if you come here and chop some firewood
  18. ive heard that one before
  19. did it mean sex? it meant sex, right?
  20. what sex i just want that $10